What is FLOWERING TIME to Harvest Outdoor Plants

I planted my MEDIJUANA seedlings (about 8" tall) over the Memorial Day Weekend. They are already about 1.5’ tall. (vary in sizes)

I actually sprouted them from seeds on April 2nd. Planted them IN-GROUND OUTDOORS on May 23rd. I was hoping I was getting them started early so I don’t have to wait until September for Harvest. How much longer? The (feminized) Medijuana seed guide says “Flowering Time: 8 -9 weeks” But what is considered the “Flowering Time”?

Thanks for any help you can offer - I need it. :wink:

Unless it is an “auotflower” strain, flowering time refers to when the plant gets 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness, so outdoors, this means late fall/winter most places, near the equator the day vs. night is about 12 hours each all year long. Flowering is usually referring to an indoor grow and starts the first day the plant gets the 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness and as such is a loose guide or approximation of time until finished. Auto flower strains need a good amount of light their entire life and from seed to flower takes only about 3 months or a bit longer depending on the auotflower strain and will flower even if given 24 hours of light their entire life. Regular long dark cycle/winter flowering strains will not flower and will continue to grow as long as they are getting a lot more than 12 hours of light, most indoor growers using 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness to simulate spring/summer.

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Thank you very much, MacGyver Stoner. I did not know about that. I live in Michigan, so right now they are getting sunlight from about 6:00am to 9:00PM. They get the FULL SUN from about 11:00AM until about 6:00PM. They are in a great location for lots of sunlight.

Now I just need to figure out why they seem to be growing all different sizes, even though all from the same strain of seeds purchased from Amsterdam. Maybe the soil was uneven when I roto-tilled it, and I didn’t get the nutrients all spread out evenly, I don’t know.

But two of them are “stunted”. Though they both look very healthy since I gave them a dose of worm castings last week. They greened up real nice and have grown a few inches since then. One of them has yellowing leaves on the very bottom “branches” as of today, though. Not sure why. The rest of it looks good and green, but those bottom leaves. ???

Your input is so very much appreciated. I will take a picture of them tomorrow and post, if I am allowed to do that. THANKS!! :slight_smile:

Sure, good luck!

Okay, in other words can you induce by covering the situation for 12 hours to start the change process? I’m trying to ask, if one has a mature plant to start the budding/flowering process to occur they can simulate shortening the days by covering it every other day? Does anyone believe this to be the case?


I was just about to ask a similar question, haneyjt. Would you cover them with a dark plastic garbage bag over the top of each one?

But why do you say every other day? Wouldn’t you want to do this every day to ensure they are getting at least 12 hours of darkness? And would you need to continue covering them after you trigger the flowering process? Thanks for any advice you can provide here. :slight_smile:

Yes, you can simulate shorter days by somehow blocking the light, Some people cover with a black garbage bag, some cover with a specially designed tent to block out the light. It has to be every day and the schedule needs to be reliable and consistent to avoid stress. The sun, in the middle winter does not all of a sudden have a longer day. To flower your plants without hermaphrodites or other “light/photo stress” related problems you need 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness the same time of day every day. If you let them have more than 12 hours of light they will go back to a vegetative growth cycle and will not develop the buds.

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:smiley: :smiley: Thank you again, MacGyver Stoner!!

A Saga: The name is A Wishful Bounty. It is the tale of 2 seeds I planted at least 2 or 3 months ago and had a 100% growth results with two of them starting out nicely. One quickly out grew the other, towering about 5 feet and wildly vegetating. The other was far smaller even though it was the same age. Meanwhile, the other would spray white powder or pollen all over the place. Eventually, I had to pull it up, leaving the female plant only to grow in the area once occupied by the male. Had to give it a good pruning and than it shot through the roof so to speak, I’m now at the stage to tricking the thing into thinking the days are getting shorter. I’m on the second day of doing this any thoughts on the subject?


Not anything more than already discussed above in this thread. You don’t need to gradually make the days shorter. You can start with 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness the same time of day everyday, right away.

reply to dnvest #19233. I also have the same problem with my girls.I purchased them (seeds) from the same place planted at the same time in the same soil same everything.And my results are the same as yours.WOW did you figure your dilemma out would be curious to know.I got White Widow strain and I live in So California.

Hi ifraas, I didn’t really figure it out all the way. But, I did add some WORM CASTINGS to the smaller plants, and that certainly helped. They look healthier now, but still smaller than the others, maybe because of a later start? I don’t know. I will post pics as soon as I download them.

that’s what they looked like a month ago now they are somewhat bigger with leaves yellow I thought maybe it was a nitrogen def and fed some SeaBlast they look much better today.

Looks like you are getting the hang of things. We look forward to your continuing progress. :slight_smile:

Why Thank you MacGyverStoner I couldn’t have done it without you or Latewood you both are so inspiring and full of so much knowledge.I do have one question. Is it possible for a seed to be defective shall I say perhaps in the genetics or maybe something I have done wrong.I have 1 plant out of 6 same treatment,soil,etc as the other girls but this one is way different.She looks healthy in color but she has these scraggly leaves I will post a pic. 1 of my special needs girl lol. and 1 of the other girls.

Yes, even really high quality seeds from a reputable seed companies will have some seeds that may show slightly different properties.

This is why, even when buying feminized seeds, that many people will order a large number of seeds and plant them all at once. Each seed may have slightly different phenotype properties even though they carry the same genotype.

So even though feminized seeds are almost like a clone of the parent they aren’t because there is still pollination that combines two sides of the genetic chromosomes, they may combine slightly different or there is the chance of mutation which means different phenotype properties may be expressed.

And so a good gardener will take clones from the plants that express the best phenotype and not reproduce the weak and undesirable phenotype plants.

I agree totally; As We have mentioned in the past. Due to hybrid strains dominating the market; You always have the potential for a dominant pheno. Plants may appear as the same type and variety. while others take on traits of a strong Indica; or, Staiva.

Just like A good cocktail !!! It can bare the same name same ingredients but depending on how heavy handed or light the mixologist is depends on how intoxicated you get… Does that make sense? I will say its the Blue Dream talking…YUP that’s my story and I am sticking to it’''lol…

Nice. Thought I had posted here, but guess not. Can’t wait to see how it all finishes.