Flower stage problem

In the flowering phase (12/12) my light timer broke down and the girls had growth light (24/7).
The fruits stopped ripening and began to grow new vegetation.
Is it still possible to save the fruits?

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So far from what I read you are in photo so went you get a timer get back to 12/12

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How long were they in 24/7? Auto or photo?


It sounds like lights were on for longer than one 24 hour period. If so and your seeing vegetative growth, then they likely started revegging. Just set your lights back to 12/12 and carry on. Revegging will cause a slow down of bud growth, but they will start flowering again. Be sure to keep a close eye on that light timer to prevent from happening again :+1:


Once a plant shows signs of revegging, the flowering clock will start all over. You can get some really unruly growth. Your buds can be bigger.

I do reveg plants as a part of my normal grows.

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Something similar happened to me. You can see in my journal. I’ve got them flowering again.

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plážové sklo

Can they still be saved? Or they are already dead and throw them in the dump ?

The buds? Probably not. The plant? Absolutely.

Like I said, I do reveg as a part of my grows. The plant will grow unruly and you’ll need to trim her up a bit to combat rot and insects, but it’s doable.

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I had that happen to me with a outdoor grow. I put them out too early and they preflowered, revegged, and than flowered. The buds were all huge but only the top 4" or so were decent. It was a huge failure and let down to trim and see all the wasted effort & nutes / water $$. If it were me I would chop it and restart.