Re-vegging by mistake

My plants were “on the way to big colas” when my flowers started to grow more leaves.
They don’t look funny just normal but lots of them. Will my flowers continue to
ripen or is my crop ruined?

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What is the light schedule now?
Pictures are the only thing that help us to see how them look.

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Indoors? Outdoors? Photos? Autos? Need more info.


Flowers will grow many “sugar leaves” as they mature. A pic will help determine if your growing sugar leaves or revegging and producing fan leaves

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I think they are re-vegging. They have been alive for 90 days (grew from seed).
See previous questions from me.IMG_0476

light schedule was 12/12 but now in 13/11. What do yall think?

Just change it back to 12/12… I guess is not a big problem… How many days them was under 13/11?
What do you think @garrigan62?

By your pictures it seems more a little foxtailings than revegging. Anyway stay under 12/12 light and check tricomes to harvest right moment.Also If plant is revegging i think this option is the best thing you can do .

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Thanks All. So not move to 13/11 to try to make flowers ripen? And What are foxtails? Is that good?

Never increase light more then 12/12 in flower. I know some who only go 10 on 14 off in the last half of flower with the theory they grow just as much if not more during their sleep cycle. I think you’ll find with yours it will keep budding but when its trim time you may have extra leaf to remove. No biggy, but definitely a lesson for next round :wink: nice work otherwise


Thanks Powaforce! I changed the light back to 12/12. Also changed light bulbs from 400w hps to 250 w hps. I was having trouble with keeping the heat down.
Do you think that was ok? I also have metal halide 250w.