Flower Power's Continuous Grow

I’ve abandoned my previous grow logs since my first grow went bust (2 males, 2 hermies.)

Today was transplant day for the 32 day old Blue Mystic and the 25 day old Durban Poison. Each were in 8" pots and both were beginning to get root bound.

As I’ve lost those plants that were in flower, I will be flipping these early in another week after I’ve had the chance to do one more topping so that I’ll have 4 main colas from each.

I’ve also dropped beans for a Maui Wowie and an Orange Barb today.


Very nice! they will explode now after the repot.

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Set to watch!

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I’ll be here.

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Set to watching brother. Good luck with this grow :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :v:

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It’s a good day for a haircut.

Blue Mystic. The 2 new mains fill the top out. She will be ready to top again in ~4 days.

Durban Poison. The new mains haven’t had the chance to develop yet.

It will probably still be another week before I can top her again.


I’ll definitely be checking in on this post =).

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The blue mystic is progressing nicely, but isn’t quite ready for her second topping yet.

The durban poison is also putting up a nice set of second mains, but it will still be several days to a week before she can be topped again. The new pair of mains are just putting up the second node.

And a peek at a maui wowie which sprouted on Thursday.


It’s FIMing day for the blue mystic and durban poison. I had to throw out my last grow due to males and hermies, so I’m eager to get these flipped. I’ll flip them once I see a good bit of new growth (1 - 2 weeks.)

Durban poison:

Blue mystic:


The ladies are coming along nicely since their FIMing last week. They got a gallon of water each yesterday. pH and PPMs were just fine.

The blue mystic is happy as can be and is reaching for the sky this morning.

The durban poison is pouting a bit following the watering, but should be okay after a day or 2.

The maui wowie is coming along too.

The orange barb isn’t doing very well and has been stuck in this state for several days. There seemed to be some sort of fungus or mold that had developed at its crown. I clipped as much of it off as I could 2 days ago. I’ll let her fight until she dies or overcomes the challenge.


Growth has picked up quite a bit following last week’s FIMing. I went ahead and supercropped the Durban poison.

I am looking to flip these to flower once I can get good clones off of them. Probably another week.


Out of likes but looking good

You can see that these 2 girls have made a lot of progress in the past 3 days. I expect they are fully recovered from FIMing and supercropping since growth has really accelerated. I’ll be flipping to 12/12 tonight. The tops created by the training (1x top, 1x FIM, and supercropping of the 2 mains created by topping) are really dense, so I’ll have to continue some LST during their stretch to ensure adequate light penetration and airflow.


I flipped the girls 2 days ago. Hoping for a lot of stretch. I’ve given these girls a whole lot of light and the vegetation is very dense.

Blue Mystic:

Durban Poison:


Looking good my brother :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :v:

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Orange Barb just days old:

Maui Wowie, 2 weeks old:

And clones of the Durban Poison and Blue Mystic:


That looks excellent. Going to bookmark this and consider doing this in future. :+1:

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Nothing to add to photo as not much has changed since the last post. pH crept down on me again so I flushed again yesterday. pH was at 6.1. I got it back up to 6.38, but I’d really like to have it around 6.6 to optimize P and K uptake since I’ve just flipped to flower. The girls are really growing and drinking a lot of water and I expect I’ll have to water again in 3 or 4 days. PPMs are fine at ~1,100.

The girls do look good this morning after yesterday’s flush. I doubt that I’ll flush again for the last 0.2. I’ll probably just creep it back up with pH 8.0 water. May take a couple more waterings to get it where I want it.

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The girls are indeed looking very happy 2 days after the flush. Reaching for the sky and getting taller.