My first journal maui wowwie

well this year i’ll be doing a grow journal last year i grew 5 plants and every one of them grew bananas i had a light leak i hope i got it fixed

  • What strain: maui wowwie from ILGM
  • Method: soil

  • Vessels: will be 5 gal fabric pots
  • PH of Water: 6.0 - 7.0
  • PPM/TDS; not feeding yet
  • Indoor veg tent 32"x32" flower tent 3’x3’
  • Light system: 600 watt philzon veg tent 4) QB132 meanwell 240-1750 driver
  • Temps; Day 75/81 Night: 69/71F
  • Humidity; not sure yet just set it up yesterday
  • Ventilation system; Yes, 4” fan 203 cfm carbin filtrer

I’ll be following good luck with your new grow.

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thanks i’m hoping it turns out better than last year i did get a pound of smoke off last year and i cop a nice buzz but i would like to finish some this year

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I’m sure you will have a fantastic grow. A pound is a lot of smoke. Sounds like you got the light leak under control so you’re set to go.


Good luck with this grow. The best way to duplicate a good crop is by a detailed journal so you can learn from your mistakes.

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Set to watching :blush: Maui Wowie is my next grow

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Thanks I’m hoping it turns out better than last year

Another super soil grow! I’m watching :sunglasses::v:


Good luck!!

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I used it last year and didn’t need to any nutrients till flower. I will be adding perlite to it this year it ended being like a rock

Dont range up to 7.0 stay below 6.5 if anything better lower then higher 6.8 acceptable but not optimal soil is 6.5 .7.0 and up u will have not the best conditions

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Last year I was having a hard time getting my runoff over 5.8 so I ended up adding water sometimes up to 7.2 to help get the ph up but 6.8 is best for soil from what I have read

well they didn’t have the same soil that I had last year so I’m hoping this will do I’ll be adding perlite

tomorrow I’ll be moving the girls to there larger pots I’m still not sure if I want to go with a 3gal or 5gal I’ll be switching them to 12/12 at about 14” in high

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ok they look a little funny in those 5gal pots but they will grow. I mixed 80 Oz the the new soil with 35 Oz of perlite for the soil and to 1 gallon of water I added 10 drops of general hydro rapid start this is the first time I have used this stuff

Rapid start not necessary it’s a very weak clone starting solution…its for starting roots it’s like. 5 1.1 1.2 or something weird ur dirt has nitrogen potassium and phosphorus plus mycrozae it’s not really nessecarry especially them being so tiny still the dirt is plent foot for right now atleast 2 waterings water around the plant about a 3 inch radius around the transplant make the roots find the water dont drownd the stem it can dampen off and by by baby

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I wasn’t sure what it was used for it just came with my nutrients so I thought I would give it a try

U can use it but at that age it’s not necessary if your in rich dirt …in fact are you using tap water to water or do you have a ro system at ur place

I c in the pic a big jug are u buying water by the gallon to water? I hope not hope that just ur mixing jug … but anyway if your not using bottled water …aquafina is perfect for canabis belive it or not …but tap water is chlorinated and general hydroponics is a majority of synthetic nutrient line and is not the best for microbial life in soil as well as chlorine or treating for pests with peroxide those all kill microbes and make it harder for plants to eat by the plant having a harder time getting to locked up nutrients that the microbes in the soil basically eat and poop out and make issuable food for the plant like earthworm castings except th soil becomes a biosphere and symbiosis takes places the roots live off the mycrozae and bacilius roles and ■■■■ versa u feed the plant in turn the bacteria gets fed in quality nutrient lines and replaces them periodically recommended especially if you dont decholinate or mix synthetic and organic nutrients …either way synthetics in soil work in turn they work best for hydro and organic for dirt but it works but it’s not ideal …I’m a living soil guy now I use to use
GH floranova grow
GH floranova bloom
GH cali magic
GH Armour Si (after using advanced rhino skin)
Advanced nutrients flawless finish but beware when using synth. Nutes u WILL get salts built up in the soil which is not good usualyneeding to flush your media with 3x the bucket size with strait ph6.5 water and go back in with new nutes…I successfully figured away to avoid flushing with synthetic nutes that I wasent sure was gonna work but did there a product called SLF 100 it’s the only enzymatic based flush product out there its recommended in flushing the media salt build up quickly and getting it dissolved out asap…and cleaning hydroponic gear after each res fill so you dont cross contami ate for ppl who dont like to use harsh chemicals but instead of having live root biome using synth. Nutes I though about it why dont I aid in the break down prior to feeding so I would mix with my nutes and iit would be a mini flush every watering making sure to water atleast to 25+ run off at about 75 % strength but I used small pots so I would need water more often bit less to get desired run off…it worked…not the best bit I successfully grew about 25 plants like that but in fully organic now after coming to the conclusion what I was using isn’t growing what I was looking for after my technique got better but the weed still was lacking (especially $$) something I k ow what the problems were I just couldnt afford it u need good shot to grow good shifts bottom line… after a good 1500 wasted dollars I think I got a good plan and I have goals to hit so it’s now a challang to tweak my technique and make the grow the dankest of the dank

Btw dry for the book

I have tap water running 6.5 ph I let the water set for a couple days before using itemphasized text