Introducing Miss Maui Wowie 2024

This is my second grow and my first photoperiod plant. Growing info:

  • 5 weeks old and about 14 inches tall
  • 3x3 AC Infinity tent
  • 6 inch AC Infinity exhaust fan
  • 6 inch AC Infinity refillable carbon filter
  • 5 gallon AC Infinity fabric pot
  • AC Infinity Self Watering Base
  • ViparSpectra KS3000 LED grow light on for 18 hours off for 6 hours
  • 425 ppfd which results in a DLI 0f 27
  • Bottom half of pot is Supersoil with the top half consisting of a 50/50 mixture of Fox Farm Happy Frog and Fox Farm Ocean Forest

I plan on flipping to 12 hour light duration and increasing ppfd and dli to induce flowering when plant is 18 inches tall or so. I’m concerned about the plant growing too tall for my tent and hope this will keep it to a reasonable height.

I have a question for the forum regarding the humongous fan leaves the plant has grown. There are branches forming from the nodes of the leaves that are being shaded by these leaves and are trying to reach out to the edges for light. Should I leave these alone and wait for the branches to reach the outer edges of the fan leaves or should I cut them off to allow the branches to get more light?

Thank you for any input provided.


I always say trim those big fan leaves, is this an auto flower?
I can’t lie I’ve been thinking about the Maui wowie for a while and what you’re doing is pretty close to what I would be doing fox farm products.
How is the auto water pans working for you? I got to look into those I know AC Infinity makes some good product.

It’s a photoperiod. I love the auto watering pan. My first grow was a Granddaddy Purple autoflower that I got 8 ounces of great weed with the same approach. Flower tested out at 18%.

Thanks for the reply!

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Can anyone tell me if it is too late to top this plant? This is only my second grow and I need some advice. I did not top my first grow mainly because it was an autoflower and I read that topping is not recommended for autoflowers. This is a photoperiod and also Maui Wowie tends to grow quite tall. I want to make sure that I do not grow this plant too tall for my tent.

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I dont feel its to late to top. I would wait til a couple weeks into flower before removing any leaves. Keep in mind plant could double in height after fipped to flower.
Looks good!

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She’s been topped! No going back now!


Miss Maui Wowie is smoke’n hot!!! :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes:

Get it… :rofl: :joy: :four_leaf_clover: :joy: :rofl: :four_leaf_clover: :four_leaf_clover: :love_you_gesture:t4:

I crack me up. :blush: :crazy_face: :nerd_face:


Tagging some people that followed my Granddaddy Purple grow. Hope no one minds.


Removing those leaves will help every grow I do it every grow. That plant still has so many more leaves to go get some of those big Andre the Giant hands leaves out of there. You just have to know what you’re doing when you’re trimming big fan leaves out. Picture of mine about 49 days the third trimming of leaves happen this week that past.

I know from gardening experience that trimming your plant only helps out your plant. But like I said know what you’re doing before you trim. Some of the leaves that are obvious need to gone devil leaf lol
PS I’m trying to finish this joint and feed my girls and update my photos


Hi there! Looking good over there.

I’m only on a wee bit lately, I don’t have a grow going rn. But feel free to holla at me any time, I get notifications.

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Nice training Grow Bro, sweet structure :muscle::muscle::love_you_gesture:

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Thanks for the tag @MinnesotaGrown .
Im ready. They are looking killer man.

Any updates? Dont be teasing us we like progress reports. :heart_eyes:

Sorry, been really busy lately. Spring has sprung with a vengeance which means a lot of outdoor gardening chores. Fishing opener was last Saturday. I also have close to 200 orchids that need attention. They get jealous if I spend too much time with my Mary Jane lady. I also started a second plant that is a White Widow CBD strain that took some time to get the tent set up. That one is in my 2x2 tent while Miss Maui Wowie is occupying the 3x3 tent.

So Miss Mowie Wowie is still on an 18/6 light period and has only added a couple of inches in height since topping. It sits at 16 inches in height. She seems to have not been bothered at all by the topping. Actually I think she is giving me the middle leaf and is saying I’ll show you what happens when you top me! She now has easily 8 nice bud sites arranged around the plant that are starting to stretch a little and should produce some awesome buds.

Tomorrow she will be six weeks old and I will be flipping to a 12/12 schedule to kick her into the flowering stage. I’m adding water to the self watering base when I lift the fabric pot and she feels dry. Before adding water to the base I’m watering enough with a Recharge mixture until I just start to hear water dripping into the tray. Don’t want to over do it otherwise I’d be defeating the purpose of the Living Soil in the bottom half of the pot.

I’m debating when I should start trimming off some of the gigantic fan leaves she’s developed. I’m not seeing any negative effects from them, every single leaf looks extremely healthy. No signs of nutrient shortages or too much shading from light so I’ve just been tucking them down out of the way so they aren’t shading the areas that are going to be the major bud sites.

Here she is today at 6 weeks! The middle three pictures look a little yellow but that is from the light and taking the picture looking down on the plant

Any comments are appreciated!


Hey @Lostgirl! I wanted to give a shout out to you. In one of your posts you sang the praise of ViparSpectra grow lights. I was particularly intrigued by their claim to be more even with PPFD values edge to edge.

I purchased one of their XS1500 Pro lights to try out in my 2x2 tent. Using my Apogee light meter I did indeed find that the light meets their claims. I now am using that light in my 2x2 tent and I purchased the larger KS3000 for my 3x3 tent which is where Miss Maui Wowie is growing so well.

Hi @MinnesotaGrown I’m really glad you gave it a shot. I have the 4x4 ks5000 I’ve had up to nine plants in that tent without worrying about anything not getting sufficient lighting. I’d say it’s one of the best manufacturers out there. They’re incredibly expensive when the New Year release comes out
I ended up paying dearly for mine cuz I got it within the first couple of months of the release. Thanks for giving me the update I wish you the best

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Flipped to 12/12 lighting schedule yesterday to induce flowering. Starting to stretch a bit. Looks like it might stay bushy for me rather then getting really tall which is what I have read about this strain. Only time will tell!

Day 50 from sprout. She’s stretched about 2 inches to 18 inches. Very happy with how she is progressing. No sign of pistils yet, but it’s only been less then a week since flip to 12/12. Light is at 80% and PPFD is reading 675.


One week since flipping to 12/12 and pistils have arrived! Plant is still a reasonable 20" tall. I’ll be interested to see how much it is going to stretch. Maui Wowie is supposed to be quite tall. I’m hoping my topping keeps it within the confines of my tent. Ready for blast off!


Great growing there ,I to like them short and stout, but man can they get wide, will be tagging along if you dont mind!