Flood Table in 4x4

So recently revisited A video where i saw the jungle boy’s set up using rockwool cubes , top feeding flood and drain system . I have a 4x4 gorilla grow shorty tent that i extended to 5’7” with the extensions that came with the tent , i was looking for advice on how to set this up for the future . what size rockwool cubes to use , how many plants, what size table to use , even pre built kits perhaps , really interested in trying to get this going

Good growing and happy learning to you.


looking to spend 1,000-1,500 max if it comes down to it , i’ve grown in coco , soil, dwc hydroponics, been growing consistently solo for about 4 years now

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Growing autos or photos? I grow photos and wouldn’t do more than 4 plants in a 4x4. Getting to them for maintenance (feeding, checking runoff, dealing with potential flushes,…) can be a PITA if more are grown. You can get away with a couple more plants if autos. They tend to be smaller than photos at maturity.

I suggest learning about topping and super cropping with a shorty to help manage plant height.


been leaning into growing more autos this go around, mainly grow photos and always have implemented Topping, Lst’n, and or super cropping into my training very familiar with those techniques