Question about space in a 5x5 Shorty

How many 5g would fit in a 5x5 shorty?
They say 9-12 is the the recommend plant count.
I cant veg probably more than 20" to 24" at most.
I was thinking more like 6-8.

I’d do 6 or 7 as you’ll want space to get around inside the tent.

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Ok. Thank you.
Do you think 24" would be too tall in the shorty?
Maybe go with 18"?

My light suggests I stay between 12"-18" away from the top of the canopy.
I think that might be too close even at 18"

Sorry for the edit.

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If that’s the Gorilla shorty at 4’11 (or with extension to 5’8) then yeah you’ll want to keep plants pretty short (16-18") before flowering and look into ways to decrease vertical growth thru topping and/or LST.

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How tall is your tent?

Yes, it’s the Gorilla Shorty (68").
So 18" is definitely the max then.
Thank you again @Hellraiser for the help.
I’ve been reading a lot of your post.
Wish I had found em sooner.
You also @KeystoneCops .
Both have good info to pass along.

Thanks again.

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Bout rdy to scrap it and start from scratch.

I’ve abused these poor plants.

I was told to not do too much. I did too much

Here’s what I do: I keep my plants small enough that I can lift them out of the tent (box in my case) and work on them at a table with a comfortable height. I grow mostly in coir now, and I can grow really large plants in fairly small containers (solo cup up to #2). The advantage for you is that you’ll save time by growing many short small plants instead of 4-5 large plants.

You’ll need to automate watering though; small containers might need to be watered 4-5 times a day. Actually, it’s not so much that they need water, but it’s that you’re flushing out the concentrated solution and resetting the optimal EC in the medium. The point is that if you go with many containers, you really want to automate.

So then I wouldn’t have to be topping plants and worrying about height.
It would be pretty much 8 wk veg or whenever I hit 18", then switch over, right?
So maybe 12 in smaller containers would equal 4- 6 in 5g.
Would basically be more watering and less trimming and training.

The wife hid my clippers

And I do think I am switching to the coir when I get to start over.
Is that going to be alot more work? Since I’ll have to be watering more in the smaller containers?

I wont add food everyday will i?

In over my head…
And I’m still learning to tread

Im in strait canna coco i water once a day til around flower then twice i have 7 plants in 7 gals fab pots i use about 4 to 5 gals of nutes or phd calmag water each time. Its not harder at all just more watering so make a watering system andbgo to town. Onl y chase numbers if u see issues

I just worry about putting my hands on them too much.
I tend to get carried away.
I tried to LST and failed miserably.
Should I just stick with max 4 5g til i have some clue of what I’m doing?
I’ve got the equipment. Now I just need the know how

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U doing autos

Maybe 2 . Know it’s a waste of space.
Hate to waste seeds

I top autos without issues. It really dont do a whole lot unless u tie it down to get the lowers all the light the uppers get. Topping helps alot when u do yraining more so. It will turn 1 cola inyo 2 but thats about its extent. I dont do sea of greens or whatever i just grow and let them do their things. Doing training on one here or there thats about all. Here is one gonna get scrogged. Not an auto by the way

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No. Photo