Floating seeds?

So I have read that if a seed floats it is more than likely not worth growing and may not germinate, is this true? I just dropped some bubblegum seeds and tyey both float. Got them from ILGM.

No. Not true. The skin of the seed will hold air and will float. It’s a natural mechanism for the seed to distribute itself to dry land instead of sinking into the lake or stream. The water eventually will displace the air and sink.just keep pushing them into the water. I use a contact case to rehydrat and a little shake will cause the seed to sink.


Once the seeds sink they crack open or have started to then i put them in a paper towel that is damp and in a plastic bag till i get about a 1/4 inch tail then i put it in dirt


Ok awesome, thanks guys. I got a little heart broken for a moment lol.

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There is so much misinformation out there lol. Luckily we have all you womderful people to turn to. :grin:


@GeRiNfReKi I had this problem last night. I placed paper towel over the top of the seed to make it sink. Should be good now. I’ll check later tonight.

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