Soaking seeds one dropped directly to the bottom

I just dropped 5 of my Bruce bannervauto flowering seeds into water to soak.
One of the five dropped right to the bottom of my cup.

It’s supposed to float. Is there something wrong with that seed or should I continue to soak it???

Newbie needs help.

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Good evening
I have heard others say they float and others say they will eventually sink. So I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Just stay the course. :blush::v:

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Thank you

I just germinated 9 autoflower seeds. All but 1 remained floating and at first it didn’t crack a tail. That was until I gave it a little dunk and it fell to the bottom. 1 day later it sprouted a tail.

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Dropped five seeds in to soak
One of the five IMMEDIATELY dropped to the bottom

4 floated. :man_shrugging:

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I think they’ll eventually fall. I’d check in 24 hours and see.


Some sink right away
Some will not ever sink, but they may grow.
Mine hardly ever sink. I add a little peroxide and the tiny bubbles keep them afloat.
Don’t pay any attention to the float sink advice. It isn’t 100% accurate

The few sinkers I ran across were duds. If it were me, I’d consider dropping one more to guarantee what you are after. Either you get what you want or you will have an extra. At least they’d be the same age.

I don’t have another to drop. Ugh. I guess I will see if it grows a tail and see what happens

I do 50/50 peroxide/Spring water for 2 hours, followed by paper towel soak for up to 2 days The best luck has been when the tap root is 1/4 to 3/8 inches long. Do not use MG!

I will take a clean spoon after a day or two and tap the floating seeds and they usually sink right to the bottom. Funny enough, one time I left seeds to soak and couldn’t get to them for a few days and I had a floater on top of water with a tail coming out of it. It was the only time I ever had that happen. Just my two cents. Good luck with your grow.

Thank you

What is MG??

MagPlus. I use it to stabilize any trauma. Also great for reviving although it may take up to a week to see results.