First time using an aeroponic

I just bought a small aeroponic and I just purchased a pot for pot mini sized. So I plan on growing in a room 8 do t use. Not a closet. I don’t want to line the walls wit aluminum or shove them in a closet. Will they grow fine?

Aeroponic as in Aero Garden?

You can grow an autoflower just about anywhere.
If you get a photoperiod strain the room you grow in must be completely dark for 12 hours during a 24 hour period.
Did your system come with a light? You can use it to start the seed and for the first week or two. At some point you will need a light capable of producing decent bud. That can’t be done with the light that comes with those systems. A light along the lines of HLG 135 would be a very nice single plant light.

Oh I see, I cam Start the plant in my mini aeroponic then get a stronger wattage? Where do I find that strong of wattage? 135 is alot.

I’m researching hlg now 135. My friend grew his on his patio, but that was in the summer.

Compared to what the aeroponic has, yes. But for growing cannabis it is not that much. Look around the forum. You will see lots of threads asking “why are my buds fluffy” or “why did my plant produce so little”. The most frequent reason given is your light was 1) underpowered 2) used incorrectly, or 3) technically inadequate.


Hlg 135rspec is a 135w light will work great for 1 plant. I’d suggest if u do it in a bigger room atleast get a 4x4 sheet of foam and use a corner of the room and make 2 walls with foam and use 2 existing walls to make a 2x2 square and grow in that. Autos would be best with no tent as total dark is not 100% necessary for them to grow light is the main key to get a good grow light genetics and nutrients

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Foam with aluminum?