First time scrog up date

Okay I’m not sure if they have a scrog site. I looked for one but did not see one. Anyway I thought I would post my progress. Hope this setup will work ok.



I think you’ll do fine, especially here with all the helpful knowledge

Looks good :slight_smile:

Don’t let them grow to far up thru yet. Keep spreading them out under the grid and you’ll be fine :+1:

Thanks I think this is a great site. Never too old for an ol timer like me
to learn.


Okay Matt thanks for the info

Pull the tops that already thru the screen so it can fill out more if you desire to fill the whole screen .

I have topped them once already. Should I top them again. There is a few
other branches below the screen.

It’s your choice depending on how patient you are and how long you willing to veg the plants. But you can still fill the screen just by pulling back the tops that grows threw after about an inch of growth above the screen. I’ve seen many guys zip tie the top cola to the screen after they bend it back under which is not a requirement, the purpose of scrogging is to create more tops by allowing more side shoots to grow up through the screen and preventing the pre flower stretching before budding. If you topped once and you want to top again you can, it’s your choice but it will stimulate and cause more lower branches to bush out more aggressively and get more lower shoots to grow up to the ones up top.

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My intention is to get as many bud’s as I can. So I may do as you suggested
and top those off to. More bud’s the bigger smile I have. As long as I get
enough to last through the main scrog I’m planning witch will be the WW
seeds. Hopefully I can start them in May sometime.

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Check out Hillcrest scrog "Monster Crop Goldeaf thread, you can learn a ton of information from his thread on scrogging and @Savingpvtviper just did a great scrog and @Matthew420 is doing a great scrog right now in the final weeks of harvest in his scrog. Than @Brian091180 just started his scrog on his candy land grow.


Okay my friends here is a update on my girl. She is starting be a full figure girl.

. My two girls that I’m scroging is starting to come alive.


Hey Yoshi. I did what you said and topped them off again. Getting a lot of new be’s going. They were low on soil so I filled them up some. I also took out some bottom growth so the tops would grow bigger. Mother plant is getting some nice flower’s and out growing my space. Just updating bro… Chromie.

@Rdg1951 did the method work are you seeing good results from what you’ve done so far is the key. As long as you can see the benefits of topping and trimming is what counts, which I’m sure you are right now but the final result is always the importance and the reason I really trim, top, and train my plants cause I’ve had several out grow my lil 2x2x5 tent, ah about three white widows, an amnesia haze, blueberry, and super silver haze they all stretched past 4 feet cause I didn’t top them enough, nor LST trained them but I learned after that cause each one of the one’s I named had light bleaching in the top buds which I didn’t like but all was great strong smoke.

Also the mother plant. I was reading a blog about taking off some of the
smaller popcorn bud’s on the bottom and sides to make the top bud’s bigger.
You think I should do this?

Here is what they look like so far.

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Here is what they look like so far.