Do you still top them when you can when scroug?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“This is going to be my first time trying to scroug, I have two nice girls of super skunk going, been topping them and they get ready to start coming though the wire, the question is… do you still top them when you can when scroug? Would love some feed back on this, have never done it before.”

You don’t want to top too many times, but yes, you can top once they’ve come through the screen. It’s more about preference. I personally would top the same week I put my plant into flower. Keep bending the branches under the screen and then once you can’t tuck them anymore, top and go into flower. Just my opinion!

Lets ask the SCROGers tho lol, @hillcrest21678 @Stomper


The purpose of topping is to create two mainline branches that grow like the one that was there and promote bushing out. It takes a couple weeks for topping to produce the runner branches that fill out much of the Scrog so I like to top when the plant is about 4" shy of the net and push them outward under the net.

The other style of scroging is more professional and is done by letting them grow thru the net and bending and tying down the branches. If the split is above the net it gets hard to get the branches back down to the Scrog to tie because the split is growing upward as well. I personally want the distance when I Scrog. Topping above the net slows spread.


Thank you… Great info. :grinning:

I think I forgot to mention this is a outdoor grow and they are doing very well

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Dam figured it out this is just one of my girls

Well got to go work the vegetable garden yall have a grate father’s day

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Well got to admit I did top a few of the tops today probley all I will do their starting to stack up purty tight looking like they getting ready to start to bud

I think she doing well getting a little wet right now though any opinions just like to know

Are these autos? They look great. If they are photos topping them won’t hurt this early in the season. They will just get thicker.

What are all the white spots on the leaves? Can you get a closer pic of those?

No they are femized superskunk and the spots are grass clips from the lawn mower gf just drives and let’s it fly lol started them in late February

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I would try to avoid getting too many grass clippings in the bed, they are high in nitrogen content and can give a bit of a burn to the plants in excess.

Hey thanks didn’t know that I will tell her to be more careful on witch way she cuts the grass next post will be me in bandaid lol

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Stomped what is your opinion on auto seeds and plants don’t know much about them but willing to tryem if worth the time

Autos can be a great solution to short outdoor growing seasons. I have not grown them since I am indoors and I like being able to decide when I want to start flowering on my time.

They have a shorter life span and can go from seed to harvest in as short as about 60 to 90 days. They will automatically start flowering no matter what the light schedule when they hit a certain age and can flower in full 18 hour plus sunny days. I have never seen where any have more or less potency, you would not know the difference from photos when you smoke it that is.

Wow that’s nice to know any recommendations on a strain for east coast it can get very humid here in va. Thanks for input already looking in to next summer grow

I would look for a strain that originated in a climate like yours. Indicas mostly come from more humid regions but not all of them. The reverse is true for sativa and more arid regions.

In my neck of the woods I get the sativa to go nuts with no extra humidity but I have to mist the indicas like crazy.

Thanks for the info