First time scrog, third ever grow

Hello everyone, first post.

This is my third grow, first time Scrogging. Hoping third time is a charm.

I’ve been using LBH’s tutorial. Plants are doing well as far as I can tell. I’m growing four plants with ebb and flow system in hydroton under 1000w HPS light using Advanced Nutrients.

My screen is about 8-10” above the medium. I’ve been tucking daily. I am 1 week into flower. Every time I get done tucking, the middle of the plant is bare. By my estimates, I have about one more week of tucking before I let them go.

Is this normal? The two smaller plants were started a week later than the other two and had trouble getting going. The smallest one I wrote off as dead however sprang back.

Thanks for any feedback. I can provide more info if necessary.


Lookin good , screen will be filled in a minute…
Keep doing what your doing…
In 2 weeks start adding more flower nutrients and back off on vegg nutrients…

First off I’m not a fan of putting multiple plants under one screen. Every one will mature at a different rate and inevitably one will have problems.

IMO you have another couple of weeks to fill in the screen before flipping. Allowing some of the secondary nodes to develop after threading in the screen won’t hurt either.


He already flipped to 12/12…
He will ride it out and make the best of his first experience…lol
I grow 6 different strains in one tote and table sometimes , no biggie if you have experience with the strains , but this train already left the station…lol
He has no choice but to push on and make it happen… :grin::wink::+1::smirk:

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Thanks for the quick response. I figured it would fill in soon. I couldn’t find any pics of this stage in growth using scrog. I switched to flowering nutes 5 days ago when all plants had flowers.

I could have put up a number of SCROG shots to help but am unable, still, to load pictures.

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I can tag you to my thread…
I only scrogg… :+1::wink::smirk:
Just scroll to the top for more info… :wink::+1:

I debated with going with 2 or 4. My next grow will be 1 Sativa under the same size screen. I plan on a long veg period to fill the screen 75% before flipping. I’m new, reading daily, and trying new tricks. I have a Super Blueberry Haze all by itself in a 30” x 30” tent under LED using DWC.


The two in cups are also SBH which are going outside this week.

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After seeing your thread, I’m thinking about installing a second screen after the tuck to support the buds.