First Time SCROG and Grow, when to start trimming under screen

So this is my first time growing and decided to try SCROG. these are two clones that were taken from a young mother Dec. 21. the Indica Dom is Bruce Banner (Front Right) and the Sat is Grand Daddy Purps. (Back Left). the two seedlings are just an experiment so dont mind those. lol. growing in DWC using General Hydro flora trio + CalMag + Hydrogaurd. These were topped very young and then I performed a main stem LST almost immediately after toppiing.

I got them about 2 weeks after they were taken off the mother and I am starting my 5th week of veg today. I have been having to tuck and screen train the banner for over 2 weeks now as it is very bushy and I have around 20 individual growth tips at the height of the screen. the GDP is much less bushy and has just started growing through the screen this week but keeping a very level canopy so far. I have these under a 600 MH running 18/6 and was planning on switching to my 600 HPS at 12/12 this week. I have not trimmed a single leaf or branch yet and was hoping to get some advice on whether I should do that now and give it a week to recover than flip to 12/12 or should I flip now, give it a couple days, then trim after the first week of 12/12? any advice would be kindly appreciated. I also have been timelapsing this grow from the day I got the clones. i pic every 60 seconds. I am not sure if I can post that here or not.

4X4 Screen size btw

First I’d suggest you reconfigure SCROG so only one plant is under screen: no two plants ever finished at the same time so you will be dealing with THAT issue at harvest, plus if you have on plant giving you trouble you won’t be able to do a flush very easily. And if you are in soil you WILL have to flush.

Hydro isn’t as bad but the other issues I brought up still obtain.

Ok. That makes sense. Thanks. Next go round I am going to do 4 plants from seed in hydro so I may make 4 individual 2x2 screens to use up the same area. Making that thing was a chore. Lol. Wish I had done 4 small screens right out the gate.

And it doesnt matter but reversed the strains in my description above and I cannot edit it. the indica is the GDP in the back left, the sativa is the Banner in the front right.

I am also 1st time grower. I started a seed outside then moved it inside. Started it on a ge plug in veg lamp but soon after got it on the ge flower and bloom. Running a small fan, co2 bag and controlling temps. She was in veg for about 8 weeks but could never tell sex. Put into 8/16 for two weeks just water(sry using fox farm trio). I now have her under a 260 hlg at 24in. In what I call week 4 at 12/12.
1st question, the 2 weeks I went 6/18 do I count that as weeks in flower? Am I really in week 6 of flower?
I can already tell that my stems are not going to support the buds lower than tops. I topped the plant late and I think that is why, or the low level lights. 2nd question, is there anyway I can tie the stems up before they break?
Ty in advance!

Sure you can always tie up branches it’s good problem to have… dont use anything like wire or fishing string it tends to cut into the leaves and stems easy pipe cleaner make good collars or use pipe cleaners twisted together… that’s what I do

So I went through and trimmed all the baby stems and tiny stuff off the branches below the screen. I am left with basically bare undercarriage other than big fan leaves that I didn’t want to take off at the same time as the baby stuff. My next question is whether I should take those big fan leaves off at all. See image below. those big fan leaves hanging way down below the screen. they are large and attached to main branches but they are totally hidden from light for the most part. Am I good to chop them?