First time outdoor auto grow. How am I doing?

After a successful grow and harvest on my indoor tower garden I decided to start a seed in soil

Got very good quality NH soils and mixed in a small bit of compost material.
Also added small amounts of garden tone fertilizer (3-4-4)

Plant went into flower very early so stunted my veg time. Gets strong doses of sunlight every day on my back porch.

My questions include:

With the plant entering maturity, is the yellowing of the fan leaves normal or a lack of nutrients/water?
I make sure to adjust water ph to 5.5-6.5, and water about every other day or when soil has dried out.

Second question would be about time of harvest. The main bud in the center of the plants pistils are turned orange much more than the lower buds on secondary branches.
I have a digital microscope to observe trichomes for clarity, but will the secondary buds ripen up when I’m ready to harvest?

Thank you for any and all input.

Looks hungry for N and cal Mag. How long has it been flowering? It might not revert.

I wasn’t smart and didn’t record when the first signs of flowering occurred.
Was thinking a possible N toxicity with the slight tip burn.

Maybe but at this point their needs are more about flowering than vegetative growth. I doubt those will revert at this point at least not in time to grow significantly before mid- August when they are gonna be flowering again.

My point is at this point you should probably treat it like a flowering plant for the remainder of its life.

Do you have any recollection of when you put it outside?

Early May but I have brought it inside every night. Still gets below 58. Any suggestions for nutrients to swell the buds up?

So the plant took a beating today. Not sure what the problem is.

After observing the trichomes the do look cloudy.

Thinking of taking the loss and just cutting it in the morning to hang.

Any last min suggestions?