First time making cannabis oil in crockpot

Need a little input on making cannabis oil in my crockpot. Have a few questions please if anybody knows how to help me id appreciate it. Newbie here.

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I prefer to use a double boiler, but when I use my crock pot I make sure it doesn’t get too hot by switching back and forth between the “low” and “keep warm” settings every 45 minutes or so.

You should decarboxolate your buds and trim before you start, and using an emulsifier like Sunflower Lecithin will increase the strength of your finished product.

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Crock pot ? I am always amazed at the knowledged displayed on the uses and how to’s on cannabis. Another new street paved.

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Put a cup of water in and you won’t have to do that. Run until the water is gone.


I made infused Coconut oil last week.
1/2 cup for an ounce of trim.

My plans are to make gummies…

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What oil are your using?

Coconut oil. I used two ounces of decent trim to and 3/4 cup of oil. I used water while cooking it. I did decarbing first. Double strained it with two different techniques. My crock pot doesn’t have a warm setting so I used low. Wasn’t sure bout when it started bubbling and I w didn’t want it to burn so I added Xtra water as it cooked. I did a double infusion 3 hours on low 8 hrs off and then 3 more hours on low for Xtra potency. But I don’t think I let enough of the water I added cook out enough because when I put it in the fridge to form into a solid state and to separate the water from my oil I had almost as much of a dark liquid under my oil as I did in oil. Hoping I didn’t screw it up. It turned out a pretty color though. So I’m letting it set up tonight in the fridge and tom I’m gonna reheat and strain it one more time to remove any excess water it may have in it. I’m hoping the Xtra water that didn’t cook out didn’t hurt it. If it did then I’m only out my trim which I’m not gonna stress on it but I’m really hoping it’s decent enough to use and do the job. I want to do a small thing of butter with 7 grams of bud to two sticks of butter but I’m wanting to do it on the stove. The mason jar method looked safe enough to try but I’m definitely not wanting to goof it up with my bud.

I am told, butter has less shelf life, than some oils.

Should have said 2 oz trim to one and three fourth cup of coconut oil

It does that is why I did oil with all my trim. I only want enough butter for rice crispy treats

So I may have added too much oil as well. Fingers crossed that it turns out ok. Will know tom.

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