First Time - How is my Set Up?

Hey All,

My name is Chris, and very new to growing, but not new to smoking! Ive been smoking for close to 20 years. I love the stuff! I live in Illinois, and I am a medical patient. Wanted to try growing and here I am! Ive been looking at a lot of forums, and I think I found the best one!!

Here are the details:

Seeds: Fem White Widow from Seedsman AND Jack Herer Autoflower from ILGM

Soil: 50/50 Fox Farm and Happy Frog with extra perlite

Grow Tent: I have two. 2x4x6.6 and a 2.3x2.3.5 both from Spider-Farmer

Nutrients: Fox Farm Trio and Cal-Mag from Fox Farm as well as Dynomyco

Lights: I have 4 x SF-1000 Lights. 3 in the 2x4, and one in the 2x2

Autoflowers will be in 3 gallon fabric pots for the entire grow, but the WW will be in Starter Pots, then 1 gallon, then 5 gallon.

I am still waiting for the JH auto seeds, should be getting those today!

I did start the WW seeds, and planted them yesterday. Germinated the seeds in a paper towel, and each seed had about 1/4 inch sprout. Then planted into the 50/50 ratio.

I am worried. I didnt pre-soak the soil, I was too excited, and completely forgot! However, I did add about a shot glass or two of water around the seed, and then spayed the entire top layer.

I am going to need help, so any advise, critique, and anything is defiantly welcomed.

I want to start a grow journal once these ladies pop out!

Thanks all :slight_smile:



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It all looks good. You’re doing a great job for a beginner. Welcome to the forum.

One suggestion:

Not necessary. Seedlings need very little water. If you keep the humidity high enough in those domes you won’t have to water the soil until you take the domes off. It will then be important to not overwater them. Young plants don’t need much water at all and cannabis prefer wet/dry cycles. I only give my seedlings a couple of ml of water each day at the base of the plant. Once they start developing a root system it is helpful to water away from the plant to encourage the roots to go looking for water.

Happy growing. You’ve done your homework and it shows.


Thank you! Ive done a lot of research, and been reading a lot on this forum, and watching A LOT of YouTube vids. As you can see, I am invested into this, I just hope everything turns out well.

No need to pre-soak! Roger that. That calms my mind lol.

Appreciate the pro-tips boss!

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Welcome @CCGrower you look like you’ve done your homework.
Do you have proper ventilation, need to cycle fresh air into(bottom) and out(top) of your tent.
Have you taken care of your roots with a inoculate like Hydroguard?


Welcome to the community!!! I think you’re pretty good one the set up. Multiple lights is good for multiple plants so you can adjust for various growth rates. Lots of great growers to help you out here. Good luck and happy growing!!!


Appreciate the welcome @LateNightGardner.

I have an 8 inch fan at the bottom, but on the outside. Should I bring that on the inside? I was trying to save as much space as possible. I also have small ceiling fans in the tents.

In regards to root care, they only thing given was DynoMyco. Should I add anything else to the WW seeds? Should I add that Hrdoguard for my AutoFlower JH seeds when they come in?

Thank you!

Thank you!

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Very welcome! I noticed you have the FF trio. There is a flush every 4(?) weeks in their feeding schedule. This is pretty important. Their nute line can buildup salts around the root zone and cause lockout.


Only things I’d consider is to bring exhaust fan to top of the tent so you are sucking out hot air. Then move your fans to bottom of the tent to mix the incoming cooler air. Rather than mixing the hot air with you circulating fans.
The DynoMyco, mycorrhizal fungi strains of Glomus intraradices and Glomus mosseae, is perfect for inoculating your root system. I use Hydroguard which is Bacillus amyloliquefaciens bacteria. They both provide beneficial organisms that prevent other nasty non-beneficial organisms from colonizing your root zone. They also help break down micro and macro nutrients to help your root system uptake nutrients more effectually.

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My one recommendation, that you’ll learn on your own after this first grow, is that you have too many plants started.

I would do a maximum of three plants split between those two tents.


welcome to the community. great advice posted above. Happy Growing

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Nice set up

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1000% Agree. I just wanted to go all out with my feet running. I will probably trip up at some point, but like you said, thats how we learn!


Welcome. The ww autos I have here r some super growers lol. They get big. U have photo type which u can play with more than u could my auto. Nice little setup. Welcome home. I says this well because u’ll see. If it married ur wife will hate u between the for and the plants ur gonna be hated somewhere lol. If u want a bit faster growth on the plants skip the 1 gallon bags and go right to the 5s solos to final home this way it’ll give the roots the whole pot to spread out once not in several sets. Up potting to me slows down a plant and u’ll see if u do one atleast from solo to 5 gallon and 1 from sol to 1 gallon to 5 gallon. The multiple swap one will be smaller most likely all mine seem to stay smaller until uppotted then they shoot off if I go right to final home it does take a little longer for root mass to set up. Ut the growth rate is twice what it would be with all the diff uppots

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Help!!! Is this ok guys? The cotyledon leaves are curling in, but the one in the back left is ok. Underwater or overwater?

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looks wet to me, they dont need that much water. plus whats the temp and humidity?


I would give them nothing at all. Mist the dome and forget them a day or 2. Just take a peak. Right now less is more. A touch more light. You are showing a touch of stretch. If too much backfill around the stem.


isnt this the same pic on another thread?

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This is the same grow, but different topic of a question. Sorry if I duplicated a thread. Admin please delete if need be.

RH is 70-80% right now.