First time growing - Not sure if my seedling looks healthy

My first seedling sprouted yesterday. I noticed today that my RH levels were dropping pretty low, around 35%. Also, the temps were getting close to 90. I moved the light a little higher, moved the humidifier closer, and was able to bring the temps down to 82.3 and the RH is around 60%. I also gave it a good spray down to make sure the moisture is high enough.

Anyway, I wanted to see if this looks healthy or not.

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What type of medium is she growing in?

That’s a rapid rooter @Zee

@The_Reverend you’ll want to allow that to rooter to dry out until it’s just moist. You don’t want to kill it now. She looks good other than that. She’ll perk up to the light in another day or so. They’re a little slow going at this stage, as they just came out their shell.


Rapid Rooter cocoa pod. Ooops, didn’t realize you answered already. I’ve heard rockwool is better. Any truth to that?

I think I panic watered her. The pod was a little dry when I checked it out, and the temp was pretty high in there, so I thought more might be better.

No worries, just allow her to dry out, she’ll survive. You’re looking for 83°F-75°F if you’re close to those you’re doing alright. If you have a clear dome over it, you’re doing awesome.
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I don’t have a dome because I read that you should only use them for clones…I have one I can put her in.

It’ll just keep the humidity levels up until they establish roots.

Don’t panic water these plants can take some neglect in terms of water. It’s the last thing you want to do. Make them seek the water and less is always better if you don’t know. If the pots are light water is in sight.

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