First time grower, and first three girls. One is growing in a strange fashion

Seeds were soaked in a cup of water until a small taproot showed up after 4-5 days. I then moved to a wet paper towel for 24 hours, where the taproots went nuts. Could not believe how fast they grew. I then moved them over to [General Hydroponics Rapid Rooter Replacement Plugs, where they have been just over 30 hours.


that second one just needs pushed back down in the hole very gently without hurting her. just has pushed her way out the hole no biggie


Lol, you are saying she is too eager?? Thank You


lol yep

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Be really gentle pushing that seedling back in, they are super delicate.

When I use root riot cubes I like to split the 3/4 of the way down so I can open them up, lay the seedling in there and then close up the cube - makes it much easier


Great idea thanks

First time grower here , 2 Blue Dream and 1 Skywalker OG , been in flowering stage for three weeks … do they look ok?

It will help a lot if you take pictures in natural light

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They seem thin? again 1st grower…

They look nice and healthy! Look to be a bit stretched out. What are you using for lighting and what is the space the plants occupy?

Phlizon LED light - Vivosun 60x32x80 tent but its split in half with a divider because two plants are slow growing… and they are still on veg. All seeds were planted at the same time… ugh … I have about one more week then i can flip the two smaller ones to flower too…

Those lights appear to be too high and why they may be stretching so much. Also, those lights are marginal at best. They are ok with seedlings but not very good beyond that. I started growing using them as well, but quickly learned they were not what was needed. We have some light Gurus here that can help you. The plants look good to me otherwise…