One week since sprouting, how are they looking?

Hello all!

I have been growing for years now but up until this point, I have used clones. I have become a master at cutting and rooting clones. But growing from seed is totally new to me.

They sprouted a week ago, both Autoflower Fem seeds from ILGM, Bruce banner and Gorilla Glue. Im starting them inside and will be putting them in 3 gal pots outdoors eventually.

What I am wondering about is the progress they are making so far. I kind of expected them to be a little bigger seeing how fast they sprouted ( 2 days).

I kknow I may be using the wrong light. Im looking into a full spectrum LED fixture from amazon, so any suggestions on that would be awesome as well.

Should they be this small still?

Good. Lower the bulbs to like 6" above plants to stop the stretch.

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Should I invest in some better lights?

Yes. Look for Samsung diodes if your expenses allowed. Not going to recommend a brand because I’m not the type to promote. Amazon has plenty

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@PismoJay805 if you have any questions about lighting @dbrn32 is the guy you want to talk to. Happy growing :slight_smile:


Awesome, Thank you Larry.

I tried to message him but dont see an option here anywhere.

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I would move them closer to light, should slow down the stretch some. Having them encapsulated so deep in the cups probably not helping either. I would take them out, trim the cups, or figure something else out there.

If you plan on continuing to grow indoor i would certainly look into getting light designed to flower the space you are in. Be careful on Amazon too, several of the fixtures there don’t perform as well as they are advertised to. In general, just keep in mind thar low price usually results in low performance. But there are also some extremely expensive fixtures that aren’t all that great too.

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I agree to the above, right now they are busy laying down roots soon they’ll take off & respond more like the plants your used to. Dig deep & buy quality lighting or later you’ll be buying again, poor lights make light & fluffy buds (LARF) of course other things can too but yer lights are really important. dbrn is the light guru I have learned alot from him just standing on the side & listening (and many others on here)
Edit: HLG makes great lights & I think hellraiser said a few days ago if you put dude in for the code word you get 10% off

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Thank you so much for the replys.

Im starting to think It may be time to lose the top cups, I have been giving them a little bit of fresh air these past few days, a little at a time. Today for about half the day they have been open.I have read that once they sprout, having a humidity dome is kind of useless, any thoughts on that?

dbrn32 I know what you mean about amazon. My head is still spinning with all of the options. Im not going to grow them entirely indoors, I get really good sun here on the central coast and want them to get outside as soon as they are strong enough to withstand the occasional warmer day or cooler night. What lights on amazon would you recommend for sprouting and beginning vegging that costs about $100 or less?

I plan on doing several rounds with these Auto Fem seeds this summer so there will always be SOME thing on the heat pad waiting to sprout. My plan is to stagger harvests a month or so apart and have a variety of killer bud. I am going with Autos and Fems as opposed to clones due to the environmental constraints where I live, Around late august/september, we get that thick coastal fog overnight that saturates everything, to the point where my plants were dripping with water in the morning. Dealt with mold and worms like crazy. So I dont mind using Autos if I know I can plan it out where they are done before august.

Thank you all. I love this forum, I feel like I learn something each time I log on.

Hlg-65 i would say. Will veg up to a 2x2 space extremely well.

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Thank you bro. That light has some killer reviews.

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It’s not a huge light, but almost perfect for what you are looking to do.

These guys are still not really showing alot of progress. Any suggestions? Help

I looked back and these sprouted exactly 2 weeks ago. I’m starting to worry they won’t be big enough to put outside

Those seedlings need to be planted in soil right now!

Those started cubes have no nutrients in them and therefor your plants aren’t growing because there is nothing to help them to grow. Once roots show through those starter cubes they need to get planted.