First time growing Blue Dream and Gorilla Glue

Hey all! This is my first time growing Blue Dream and Gorilla Glue.

I am growing in coco, 600 watt HPS. Using general hydroponics floral trio + cal mag. I recently started incorporating mammoth p into the mix.

The blue dream and gorilla glue are the front plants in the picture.

Do these strains tend to grow on the pale side or are they hungry?

Thanks for any input!

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Those two up front do have a lighter color than the two in back. The color of those two in front seems to be consistent throughout plant. I believe if they were deficient in something you would see discoloration starting with the lower leaves first. I’ll tag a couple of people who may have a better idea if there’s a problem. @Myfriendis410 @Oldguy


Thanks for the tag brother.
They do look a bit hungry in the pic.

What are your ppm’ s going in ?
Thinking it should be near 900 - 1000 ppm’s at this point.



Maybe a bit higher with the FF trio.

I’m wondering if that’s an artifact of the picture taken. They do look a bit light in color: would be nice to know what numbers you are running. PH and TDS both in and out.


Okay thank you! That is kind of what I was suspecting.

I took a ppm and ph reading of the RUNOFF only the other day and my ph was alittle high and my ppms were a little low which I think goes along with what you guys are saying.

They are not pale naturally.

Leaves dropping down try more water. This is also a sign of over watering.

This picture was taken when the grow light was off