First time grower seeking advice

I started my first two plants on February 20 (two different strains and unknown but bought from ilgm). One plant seems to be stavia dominant other looks to be indica. My lights were on 18/6 ands the stavia started to flower so I changed to 12/12 about 8 days ago. The indica is looking healthy but I do not see any signs of flowers on that plant. They are both in a small grow tent. When should I expect to see the indica flower? I just ordered nutrients and waiting what can I do for the stavia until I get the order in?

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I would think you’d see some hairs between one ta two weeks.

If you find yourself using some chemical food from a big box store remember that it may be a good idea to start out with a very light mix. It’s easy to burn 'em.

Just keep them healthy until you get your steroids in ?

Thank you for your responses I was thinking of waiting for the nutrients. This is very exciting.

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If the sativa started flowering under 18/6 she sounds like an auto flower.

She isn’t but coming along nicely. Only thing is the whole process seems like forever. I think my next grow will be autos if I can find a good strain.

Odd that a non-auto would flower with a light period that long, but ok.

Having encountered my first auto this year, I understand why people like them; I will get some myself (knowingly) for a summer harvest next year, but I really like the non-autos. I enjoy manipulating them for increased harvest. You don’t have the time for that with an auto.

What is your favorite auto strain?

I’ve only encountered these two. The Flav and Berry White. I only like the fact that I can harvest before the sun would normally allow.

I’m also a 1st timer, and looking for some guidance on heat stress. I’m growing outdoors, and the weather has been 100+ for 4 days. I noticed some leaf curl, on 2 of the newer stalk flowers.
The plants are in pre-flower, for about a week. Should I remove the 2 stressed stalks to prevent further stressing the plant, or let the stalks try to recover.
Any guidance most appreciated.

Just inspected the plants, and found more curling than, concerned Newbee…

Can you shorten the light time maybe by covering the plant are moving it to a shaded area after maybe 10 hours of light and mist the plant at least 2-3 times a day with ph water ?

Misting can be tricky in the hot sun. Water beads on the leaves act like magnifying lenses, and burn the plant. I learned that the hard way a few years ago trying to cool a plant.

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