First Time Grower Proper Fertilization Question

Hello, I’m a first time grower and recently ordered Bergmans fertilizer. I know it comes with a chart to show how much fertilizer per gallon of water but I am looking for more specific information for application.

I am growing my plants outdoors and the soil I used is Miracle-Gro 25 quart organic potting soil mix. (item #1169533 on Lowes)

Do I need to take the prescribed fertilizer, mix it in a gallon spray bottle and spray onto the plants daily for the weekly mixture? And when spraying the plants do I spray the entire plant or just the base?

Any other tips or suggestions for applying fertilizers, things to get etc.

Thanks in advance!

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im not sure about the MG soil but some people use it and have success. how long does the soil last before needing to add nutes. you can use a gallon jug and mix the nutes and pour it into the soil. are you using a pot or in the ground?

@BudzMS I believe the soil is good for 3 months before needing nutrients. Right now I have the plants in a raised garden bed but I’m about to transplant them to 20 gallon grow bags to make sure they are getting enough sunlight and airflow to dry the leaves when we get rain. Live in VA so it’s been real rainy so the bags will let me move them around as needed and make sure they are getting proper drainage.

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3 months wow, with that being said you wont need nutes for a while but you have to watch and see how the plant reacts, it may need nutes sooner. what type are your growing, ie auto or photo?

So I have one NYC Diesel (Silver Planter) and two Northern Lights (Red Planters) with one of the lights being a dwarf I believe.

As you can tell from their leafs there is something going on with them but Idk what exactly.
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the bottom leaves will die off, theyre already flowering with buds, how old are they?

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@BudzMS I’m not 100% on their age. My buddy got them to me on June 21st & this is what they looked like when he got them. He also said he thinks they are autoflowers.

I’m not sure what you think but I was concerned the leaves may be the way they are cause of a disease or nutrient burn or something…any ideas?

Also, sorry for the late response because I’m a “new member” I was forced to wait 21 hours for more replies….horrible timing.

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Well it looks like they are in flower and you do not want to transplant them now. Let them finish where they are. As far as whats going on ill let someone else take that one on. Peace brother and good luck! Cheers.


As they get further into flower those bottom leaves will start dying and dropping off. Nothing looks terrible to me. Just the plant using the nutrients from those leaves.

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I’m no xspurt, but from what I understand it could be the 'mericalgro. I was warned against it 3 months ago when I started here. I’m using Foxfarm Ocean and worm dirt with the Bargmans ILGM ferts on my first grow this century.

Lost in the Sixties☮️

My ‘tiny tent’ garage grow…:clown_face:

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@GomBoo What’s wrong with the miraclegro that they warned you away from it? & idk anything about either soil you mentioned but i’ll look them up. Are they good for outdoor grows do you know?

Not really sure, but I’m happy with my results so far.
The ‘worm dirt’ is what’s left over after the worms are harvested from their home and sold to the bait store.
POI…my first grow was with a 70/30 Foxfarm to worm dirt. I’m planning to reverse that ratio for the next grow.

Lost in the Sixties :peace_symbol:

Also, here is an update from this morning on the leaves…I think its a nutrient burn but could be wrong. Thoughts anyone?