Bergman’s Seedling Fertilizer

I just gave my seedlings their first dose of seedling fertilizer 1/2 tsp/gallon as recommended on their feeding schedule chart. It is now 3 days later and they are ready for water and /or nutes. Do I give nutes every feeding or every other? Please help! I bombed my last grow…:woman_facepalming:t2:

Are you in soil or coco?

I honestly am not familiar with the nute line up gonna tag some who may be.



I actually have never used the lineup offered by ILGM. Do you have pictures of the seedling?

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I am in coco

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The seedling is now 35 days old. I am experiencing some browning on two of the tips. Wondering if I should be giving nutes every time I feed - every 3-4 days. The instructions are good but not definitive. Wondering if I am over-nuting them…

Do instructions say to feed every watering? I think most soil growers feed every other watering!

If someone could please assist me. I am not finding information letting me know whether or not I need to use anything else with Bergman’s Complete Growtime Fertilizer 25.
N19 P5 K20

Not sure if I need to add Cal-Mag. Please help.

@ILGM.Support Could you answer Tammyann’s inquiry, or guide her to the correct response!

Thank you. I hope someone is able to assist me with my question. I was told that these products were all I needed but I am not so sure because I am using cocoa+perlite.

You are welcome! Do you have a pic of the label of all nutrients?

How do I know if I still need to use Cal-Mag

What you have is Growtime, for vegetative stage. They also have a seedling stage fert. and a Flowertime fert. plus a couple others. Did you get the full set or just Growtime?
According to this schedule you shouldn’t need to add anything. I would go by this chart unless I seen an issue. Some add cal-mag just because they don’t think it hurts anything. I would add only if an issue arises!

thank you. Yes I discovered that I need to use calmag to get calcium and magnessium with Bergman’s as well as spray the foilage with epson salt to get sulphur Yes I bought the entire grow kit. I am following the feed schedule but am seeing signs of deficiencies.

Do you have pics so we can figure it out for you? Please take pics in natural light or flash!

The had an Epson foliage spraying at lights out yesterday. I am giving them a calmag feeding tomorrow. If you look at the bottom left the edges are brown. One leaf is twisted. Another on the right is curled down with browning.

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Might be a little over fed, I wouldn’t worry to much on the the small lower stuff! It will not amount to much! Take time to fill this out and post some more pics of your set up. Hard to know exactly without more info!
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