First time grower. Confused about pollination

I have female seeds and regular seeds germinating separately. Should I put them together outside once sprouted and out of the individual pods? Or will they all turn male?

Welcome to ILGM forum. You came to the right place for advice on growing good buds. There are a LOT of accomplished growers here and are willing to help any way they can.

The regular seeds may contain male seeds and that will pollinate all your plants if the males and females grow up together. If they get pollinated, the plant will produce seeds and that will make the plants have lower THC content and smaller and weaker flowers.

Generally, everyone here is growing for high THC and/or CBD content and the male plants will take that away. Most everyone here will kill male plants as soon as they are sure that they are male. We mostly grow for the flowers that have the high THC. Hope this helps a little. Let me know if you have more questions. Jerry


@bruinsfan33 welcome to i❤️gm you are in the right place with the right people to get you a great grow glad to have you with us lots of help and more experience than you can imagine good luck . Hog

Yes that helped a lot, thank you. Brought up another question though. I understand that you can tell the male from female with the number of leaves. I hear different numbers of leaves and opinions on time range before you can tell.

You can tell if it produces pollen sacs in the way that the plant grows I’ve never been able to tell any difference in the leaves this is what you want

This is a female if that sack does not grow the little pedestals off of it it will swell and fill with pollen pollen sack I don’t have a picture of the mail on hand if you go through the forum I’m sure you’re find a few hope this helps


Yeah makes sense. Males look like seed sacks hanging down.