Potential Stress Sex-Change

I’m a fairly new grower and was having some awesome growth while my babies were outside. Well, apparently, cats and nosy neighbors are a hindrance, so they had to come inside for a few weeks. I moved them out during the day to catch as much sun as possible (I’m in Trinidad), but they slept inside at night. Most shriveled, stunted, or died.
Now, we’re successfully (safely) back outside, but I cannot tell what’s going on with the sex here—I thought I had a mama.
These seeds were just some local, they’re in regular, composted soil, and in 5-gallon buckets. Any advice, assistance, etc., is greatly appreciated.

Sorry but it’s a boy you can grow a seed supply but if you do have female plants it will pollinate them

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Thanks for the reply. Question: the areas I see with the bright, white hairs don’t indicate hermie status?

The white pistils are female flowers. Do you see pollen sacks on them? I don’t, but that doesn’t mean anything.

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hope this helps


these are my females what made me think male is the way they are stacking in that 1st picture if I had a tent with females that I was sure about I would be very careful . Lets ask a pro @Hogmaster @FloridaSon what say you ?

Are all those pictures from the same plant? The top pic definitely shows male flowers. Later pics are female flowers. If the pics are of the same plant . . . you’ve got a hermie. You can carefully pick off the male flowers, and if you’re not too late, end up with some pretty good bud. My understanding is that you’ll have to monitor pretty closely to avoid seedy buds.

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Two different plants but the top plant is definitely a boy pollan sacks top photo good eye @Oldstoner

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This is a male I had

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Oh, yeah. On a bigger screen, the first pic definitely shows pollen sacks.


My phone isn’t wanting to display pictures properly, so I would trust Hog on this.

My main reason for the reply is to mention that I don’t usually pay attention to the way the nodes stack to help determine sex.

Bear in mind that I’m not able to see the picture, but consider how different plants look depending on what it is.

From seed, from a vegging clone, from a flowering clone. Each type has a different growth pattern. The same as with indica vs sativa vs ruderalis.

I don’t know that I was any help, but that’s my view point…


Thanks, everyone…I figured it would be best if I waited a few days for the rain to slow down so I could catch better shots.

The first three sppear to have the pistils, but I see a couple of spots where I have the ball-stems, like in the fourth image. I was reading that if I can nip the balls then maybe the whole plant isn’t lost, but, again, I’m a noob.
I truly, madly, deeply appreciate you guys.

Yes! Thank you for this…most images I see aren’t nearly this clear.

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Yes, all the same plant…I’ve been checking daily but wasn’t sure about picking the balls off bc I thought they might break open anyway. Thanks!

@PhantomFarmer I don’t see the ‘balls’ on the ones with the white pistils, but I do see other spots on the plant that definitely have balls. I put up some new pictures to be more clear, but I think it’s a hermie

The reason that I wasn’t sure if the pics were from just one plant was that with most hermies, you get balls in the same flower site along with pistils and calyx. Not the case for your plant. You might try removing the whole offending branch, rather than just the male flowers.


If I’m understanding correctly that all the pics are the same plant, then I think you do have hermaphrodite. The 1st nd 2nd pics look like pollen sacks along with pistils. Pistils appear in all 4 pics.

So, it it’s your only plant, why not let it finish? Seedy marijuana is better than no marijuana. 40 years ago we weren’t nearly as fussy as the whippersnappers today … :slight_smile:

If you have other female plants without pollen sacks, I’d get rid of the problem child.


Yeah, if it’s confined to one branch of one plant, it’s worth a shot to remove only the offending branch.

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This is my suggestion smiley-chainsaw


Hey guys…we have some progress and I’m pretty convinced I have a hermie…I have more pictures (really appreciate your eyes and advice…I think I’m picking off the correct balls but it seems like they keep coming back!

The second one in the blue bucket is a clone of the big plant…I was trying to sex early but methinks this plant is showing me lady parts (I’m not adept at identifying early, so I could be wrong.)