The slower few ! Is it a Male?

Just noticed this on a couple of the last ones transplanted. Is it just starting to flower or is this a indication of it being a Male

this is one of the Two. @fano_man @ILGM.Support @ILGM.Stacy

Looks like you got some boys!

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Oh wow I was under the impression autos were females :pensive: will this hurt my others as they’re all in the same tent ?

I would separate now from other plant. You can check with others, get their opinions before you decide what you want to do with it. Have you noticed any white powder around any?

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Unless your trying to breed them, I would dispose of the male before he starts opening up his pollen sacs

No, but AFAIK ILGM only sells feminized autos. Where are these seeds from?

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I bought them from ILGM

So, feminization is only 99.99% effective. There is always a chance that a feminized seed will turn out to be a true male plant (as opposed to a hermaphrodite.)

It’s also entirely possible that this was mislabeled, or an error might have been made further up the supply chain. If a breeder was running another pollination project with regular seeds, there could easily have been cross-contamination.

I would ask ILGM for a replacement.


Can I still grow it , just in a different area?

You can, but be aware:

A. At this point, you don’t know what it actually is. I mentioned cross-contamination. It’s pollen might produce offspring that will not autoflower.

B. It will pollinate your females, no matter how careful you are. Every one of those sacs will release 300,000 spores into the air, and it’s almost certain they’ll hitch a ride on you into the area female plants are being kept. Do you have a friend who can take it?

C. Male plants won’t really give you cannabinoids. If you’re extra sensitive to THC, you might get a mild buzz from some, but for most people males are worthless if they aren’t trying to collect pollen.


Having said that, you can allow it to pollinate your female plants, and if they are autoflowering cultivars, you can count on having a self-sustaining supply of autoflowering seeds after 3 selections (you’ll need to grow 3 runs including this one.)

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Clarification: the autoflowering cultivars ILGM sells are all feminized, to the best of my knowledge. I see how that could be misread as “everything ILGM sells is feminized and autoflowering.”

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If it’s most certain to be a male I’ll just get rid of it …
Don’t want to take any chances

It’s showing male flowers. I can say that for certain. I don’t see any female flowers, but you have a better vantage than me.

BTW, do you have a dog or cat?


Yes , teacup Yorkie.

Cute dogs. But I can see hair on your plant. My advice is keep the dog out of the grow, and put pantyhose over the tent intake. If you want to get more intense, you can wear fresh clothes when you tend to your plants. That’s what I do.

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Yes I see , but it was from my sweater ! They’re inside a tent . Well this one is about to be relocated

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I agree male, was just going to add slide a trash bag down over the plant before you movie it.

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I already have , moved it that is :woman_facepalming:t4:

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No white powder , but is this what you mean by opening up ?

this is the second one that has seedling looking parts