First time grower 420

I am a first time grower. I have a 48 × 48 × 80 with a 1200 watt led cobb. I wanna grow 9 autos in a circle and put non autos in the center and raise the center plants if the autos start outgrowing the non autos. I will be using ff (happy frog) for my main soil. I also am going to use the super soil for the bottom of the soile and percolite. How many feet do i need to keep the light from plants? Its a 1200 watt cobb.growing autos with non autos so when the autos get done i can hopefully flower the non autos. And how much percolite do u mix in a 5 gallon?


You’re best bet is to use a light meter to measure the power and then you set your distance based on the numbers you’re looking to hit. If you have a smartphone you can get an app called Photone but I hear it’s calibrated best on the iPhone.

You’ll want to scale back your number of plants as well, that’s going to be a jungle.


A 4x4 is not enough room for what you’re trying to do. I have a 5x5 with 4 photos and one auto and I will be struggling for space very soon. You’ll have to grow Christmas trees and still be struggling. I would suggest you grow less and you’ll probably get more weight.
Not to be a total downer but your light might be good for one plant at the most.

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How many plants can u fit in a 48 48 80?

1200 watt led cobb?

What light or lights should ibe using

That’s the problem with autos in my opinion, it might decide to be smaller, or not. If they decide to be big it’s way too many. I’d maybe plan for 4.

Just 4 autos? And no non autos?

I bought it off amazon u saying its not very good?

Imo no… It’s a cheap light advertised as something it’s not… think it says 398 watts but that would be hard pressed to believe. Even if that was true wattage you need more like 600 for a 4x4 and even more with the amount of plants you want to include.

Where can u order those at and howmuch

How much is a good light and i would rather get 2 for my room

Definitely want to cut it down to 3-4. Once they start to Veg you will have a forest!! Lol. I did 4 once in a 3x3 and had to do A LOT of juggling during the Veg to Flower stage. Get a 1000w Full Spectrum LED. Many brands out there about $150-250ish. Good Luck! If you go 9 plants on that space. Interested to see it later on!
Happy Growing! :sunglasses:

Ambitious but not the best idea. Learn what these plants are about first. Start small with a couple of plants. They should be the same strain and can be auto or photo. I think you are better to start with photos. Enough light to fill a 4x4 is more than a few $$. And and said, somewhere around 600 plus watts drawn at the wall is what the minimum is. Your idea of two lights is a good one. It provides flexibility to adjust height if need be. Also learn how to low stress train LST plants. You need this craft so get learning first thing.

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I grow 4 Autos in a 3x3 tent with 200W LED input lighting and that is technically over the max plants.

Good luck!


You could do these and they would work well if your going with 2. I would still lower the amount you plan to grow. Start with 4 your first time and see how you do.

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Man i have a 80×80×180 tent and im lucky to fit two five gallon fabric pots in there and at best i can fit four plants in 3 gallon fabric pots and they will have be trained alot

Never gonna happen with that light and 9 plants. I have 9 in a 4x7x9 room and it’s packed tight. 4 at most is what it gonna want in that’ area unless u go small pots but small pot here equals small plants


I have no problem growing 4 photos in 5 gallon pots in my 3x3. Trained and maintained, no problem. Depending on strain and growth rate I usually veg for eight weeks. It can be longer. Tons of growers around here do 4 plants.

What are running? My lights top out at 450w and during flower I am glad they are there.


Yes, I was saying 2x200W in a 4x4 might be enough. I only have 2x100W in a 3x3 but it suits my needs in getting about 2 oz dry bud per auto plant. I’m not concentrating on maxing out the yield…just getting a decent yield that smokes good.

In my humble opinion, there’s a wide range between minimum light and maximum light. Like 200W to 500W in a 3x3. And with my 200W I also drop my light above the canopy to 18" when in veg and 12" in flower. People might tell you you can’t grow decent weed with 200W. I don’t believe that’s the case. More depends on your needs and wants.

Regardless, you’ve got this… and ain’t growing fun? :kissing_heart: