First time grow . First time topping

Topped this white widow 2 days ago. Seems like it’s growing back anybody seen this before?


It’s supposed to grow back but with 2 tops instead of 1 … it should grow out like a Y

This is actually a manifold but if you look at the top where I cut it, now there’s two tops


If you don’t cut all the way to the stem of the new growing cluster of leaves that’s a FIM. The top will come back out and the side shoots will take off because of the “main” cola being stunted.
Kinda looks like a FIM rather than a top.
FIM can actually promote more new tops than just traditional topping.


It’s weird because when I topped it , it looked exactly like yours . I didn’t fim. The Y side shouts we’re alot smaller as they are growing out . But yea I had a nice clean cut like yours then I checked on it today and noticed new growth coming from the cut . Weird

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These plants will grow in all kinds of weird ways, I’ve seen some strange ones

I think that’s why it’s called a FIM and not a Got it Right!

I fim my plant about six times ,i done the top twice and ive fim the all branches aswell my plant has so many cola sites now last time i counted there was close to 30 cola sites maybe more and thats on a auto flower and its now pre flowering

Yea that’s what I’m gonna stick to . I’ve read some where it takes them less time to recover when you fim .