1 topping 4 Tops...huh?!?!

So a week and a half ago I typed my white widow. Probably around the 4th node and around 21 days in from sprout. The leaves on this pheno are HUGE so I didn’t notice this until today. From the top view it looks fine and as expected, 2 tops formed from my the site of the topping. But I went to LST the two tops today to get some light into the center of the plant and found 2 additional, small, and less developed tops. This makes 4 tops from the one topping site. I have never seen this before nor did I know this could happen. Has anyone seen this before and/or can someone shed some light into this mutation? Should I cut them off or should I leave them. I feel like they are slowing the growth of the two main tops now.


congratulations to a higly effective topping :slight_smile: i`ve heard of it but never seen that before either…

if they are way under the canopy i guess you can cut them. but if they have any chances to form a half decent bud i would keep them.

i mean thats something for the books :wink:

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If you top down to the 2 bottom nodes you get 4 tops … each node gives 2 main shoots … if you find it just makes for a 5th n 6th bud today a lil lower on the totem… all in all your getting pretty similar results…a missed from is a top… if you top at 3rd node 6 branches 4th node 8 brsnches

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I’m not sure I understand what you are trying to say. What I am saying is the exact place where I cut the top from, 4 tops came out. That’s not normal. It should have only produced 2 tops from that one spot. Bit it ended up producing 2 healthy tops and 2 small less developed ones.

I’m not sure what you’re trying to say either?? No mater what node you top at you should normally get 2 new tops not 6 or 8…

That’s really cool. I’d leave them be. You’ve basically got a FIM without the weird looking fimmed leaves.


You just did a perfect film film top same thing… fin leaves a liiil bit of leaf stems to give 2 branches from them as well as the other 2 desired ones

from ‘i love growing’

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Im just learning all this but have read that topping will produce 2 main stems while FIM-ing could produce multiple. Are you sure you topped, completely removed everything, or did you FIM leaving a bit of the leaf at the area you topped? need a better pic of the topped area.

This happened to me 2 on one of my plants it has 4 from topping i was like tf is happening i should post a pic when im home.