Funky growth after topping

Hi there!

I recently topped two of my plants. They both had reached the fifth set of leaves. On one plant it worked perfectly and on the other - well it worked but it did not grow as expected!

When I topped the plant (with funky growth) it sprouted on the two sides like it was supposed to. But it continued to sprout through the main stem as well. Now I have a cluster of leaves where it was topped. Everything seems pretty healthy otherwise - I got tons of growth at the stalks underneath as well.


Looks like you got a fim instead of a top on that one


Welcome to the community @barxmooth! I agree with @BobbyDigital

Thanks so much! I’m so new to this that I didn’t know that was a thing. After researching, it definitely is that. Really appreciate the help!

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Thank you so much!

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@barxmooth again FIM lives up to it’s name. :wink: welcome to the neighborhood

F udge
M issed



it is funny but it is the truth about what FIM stands for, I’m not making it up

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I legit didn’t know that lol. I’m actually starting my attempt at a Scrog in a few weeks when my others finish so I’ll be all over these boards making sure I trim her properly to maximise the 2x4 space


You clipped about 80% of the last growth which give you a nice FIM community has got you covered.

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@Myfriendis410 I apologize for the use of the f word , I figured with a space in there it would be acceptable.

No biggie. Something I’m supposed to do.

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