Top/Fim question

Ok I did my first topping on my plants. 3 of them look fairly good to my untrained eye but one I definitely missed. I can’t decide if this means it has been fimmed or if I’ve hurt the plant. She looks ok, her vertical growth halted tho and my runt is now taller tho not as thick as the one in question. Below is a pic of the aftermath and I’m just looking for opinions on if I’ve done damage or if it’s a fim or what is the diagnosis lol

I know the pic isn’t great but you can see the Chinese fan looking growth that’s sprouted from the cut. There is a smaller “fan” on the opposite side of the cut also but not as high as the one in the pic.

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Sorry mate, need a better photo. Can you use the flash?..

@StillSmokin pics always look better before I post them lol. Will try again when I get home.

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