First time Cannabis grower checking in

Hey all,

Soon VA will slightly lift its ban on Cannabis and people in this state will have the opportunity to grow their own and enjoy cannabis without legal fear…stoked.

There’s a month to prep… hopefully this is all that’s needed to do a basic grow. Not expecting much and eager to get my hands dirty and learn.

Any advice, tips, etc. would be appreciated…specifically if it would be wise to put two plants of these type in a grow tent this size. Seems like it might be cramped?

Strain: Feminized Blue Dream

  • The plan is to germinate using rockwool, move onto a 3.5G bubble bucket in a 3’x3’x6’ tent, using a Viparspectra 600W LED Grow Light. Scrog will be used.

  • GH Flora Grow, Bloom, Micro Combo, Cal-Mag, in RO water.

  • Vivosun 203 CFM fan, ductwork, carbon filter, and HEPA materiel.

  • Thermometer/RH device, pH meter with GH up/down, and dehumidfier if needed.

Thanks! Excited to take a shot at this.

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The light you have will be your restriction on how many plants you can grow. The light can really only support 1 plant.

Welcome to the forum.


I have 4, 3.5 gallon pots in my 3x3 no problem. Those are auto’s though. Photo’s might require more space. If you plan on training your plant should all fit. If your light can hack it that is


Hi! Welcome to ILGM. Congrats on the newly found freedoms coming your way. Great news indeed!

Not much of hydro help. But i do know a few things that will help.

Like water temps need to stay pretty low. I think under 70…

pH is uber important!

And lighting is king… ur gonna wanna retire (or resale) her sooner then later and upgrade. Do a little looking around the forum. Check any light threads. And most the hydro ones. That search bar is your friend here.


Welcome fellow Virginian! Can’t wait until that magic day to get started either. So much knowledge on here, it amazes me how much these guys and gals are willing to help out. Best of luck on your grows!


They killed my dream down here. Aug 25 was the day… then boom no more. But alas. Ima keep growing anyway haha


With as many states that allow growing, I’d move