First outdoor plant growing near beach. What's wrong?

Beginner here. I live about 3 blocks from the beach (Daytona Beach). It is potted in Miracle Gro potting soil ph is about 7. Have not added anything so wondering what is wrong & how to fix it. I use rainwater & it gets lots of sun. Not sure what the white spots are and some of the tips are turning brown. Should I worry about salt level? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

It’s not the beach it’s the miracle grow. We don’t recommend using that. Cannabis loves beaches though :grin:

Oh dear, what should I use & is it too late to re-pot it? Thank you so much!

off topic — is that a second plant starting to the left of the plant, or just a clover or something…

Less headaches to repot. But you need to decide if you want to use soil as there are options including nonsoil options.
If you want to do soil google “good soil for cannabis”

Or get foxfarm
Also you will need to rinse the plant or flush it with ph water at 6.5-6.8 to cleanse it from that miracle grow

Did you always have the plants outside under the sun, or did you just recently put them outside. Reason I ask, is a lot of plants started indoors, need a transition into sun light. Being in Florida, that is some powerful rays of sun. and from indoors to outside cold turkey could burn the plants…

But like @Fever said, the miracle grow probably is not helping, as it has time released nutrients that can give a plant “nute burns”. Most people Use Fox Farms Ocean Forest (FFOF) or Fox Farms Happy Frog (FFHF). There are others to, but can not think of them right this minute.

@Ron330 Interesting that you mention that as I experienced, or rather my plant did, so she stays inside full time. The Fl. Sun is wicked to a virgin plant.


just a clover that will be pulled :smiley:


Boy do I feel stoopid… Should have looked that up before I planted it. Thank you for your help; will get the foxfarm asap.

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What about the white spots and torn leaves guys…could a bug be doing that and it be more than just the soil? @Ron330 @Fever

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No, it has always been outside but have gradually exposed it to more sun. I apologize for all the individual replies; just got the pop-up box explaining that :smiley:

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Don’t worry about the pop up boxes. They will go away as your newbie status on the forum goes away.

Get her out of that miracle grow and into some good soil, and give her water that is PHed at 6.5 and she should be fine. And since your transplanting anyway, I would put her in a 5 gallon pot. Fabric pots work great.

@laurelfee if you can, lower your PH, try to get 6.5, at 7 you right on the edge of locking out stuff you need. Which could also cause the leaves to do that…

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Everyone is right on. Ph is too high and you should definelty transplant into different soil.


Attached is a chart that explains the importance of ph for nutirent uptake.



@Ray4x Hey thanks for putting up that chart. Now I have a better understanding of ph and nute uptake.

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That’s why you’ll hear everyone say the importance of keeping your ph around 6.5 in soil.

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Is this chart just for the veg stage? Mr. Bergman’s guide says 6.2 for soil, which would be below optimum based on that.

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I think it’s widely considered ok to have your ph between 5.8-6.5

Cool, so if I have been anal about being close to 6.2 I should be good. I am new at this, and when I see conflicting info I want to know more. Thanks.


Back on topic, I have lived near the beach most of my life, but when I lived in Cocoa Beach EVERYTHING rusted. That salt air can be might harsh there if you are that close to the beach.

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