First indoor grow with issues

Ok I will try to go thu that shopping list…

On watering, with dry medium (soil or coco) the goal is constant light dampness but no sogginess in general. I personally watch the plants. If they perk up immediately after watering the wilt is from dryness. I like to let them just start to droop before watering so they suck up the nutes like starved teens. Water them enough so that about 20% of the liquid runs out the bottom.

On humidity, I live in Colorado so I couldn’t maintain 50% if I tried. I use mister spray bottles a couple times a day to help. My concern there was a large amount of vegetation in a small space causing pockets of very high humidity.

On feeding, you are using a nute soup so I will let @garrigan62 or @yoshi help you there. I use a single source liquid food called Dynagrow Grow for veg and Bloom for budding. Feeding starts like they said above when the round starter leaves fall off. Since you’re using coco you need to add calcium and magnesium. Not sure if your soup has that. Always start a feeding schedule on half strength to see how the plants handle it. If you see burnt tips go back to just water til you get good growth again then revisit your nutes.

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Ok thanks 4 answering my quistions and needs as mutch as possible from now on i will water them and let water droop thru i was just 10times a day spraying them with a water mister…and also i use soil not coco…so its the same way to water right? @Stomper

Yes. Let them dry till the pots are light and they start the droop. What type of soil are you using. That will help determine what you need to feed them. Different soils go from fully loaded with nutes so you never feed them to no nutes at all. Some soils can make clay when watered so they ar not recommended, etc. I use Fox Farms soils.

I use a soil that my growshop sells and highly recomended cqnt buy that in normal outdoor growingshops called terra but they advised me to use the nutes they sell in our country plagron has a good name he advised me a kit of theirs where i can do 1 grow and bloom with all things you need should be in it like he said so…

Ok Mat, How ya doing today ?
My name is Will and I’m going to do my best to help you out here ok

Well the first up is your watering to much
Second you never feed nutrent’s to seedlings
and third your lights are to high.


Stop watering and let them dry out
No more Nutrents…they have there own supply to last them until they have 5 true sets of leaves
You see that first pic you posted that center top leaf and your last pick bottom leaf…this is caused by to much nutrents …so no more feeding ,ok
Third see in you pic’s there stems are getting long. Well that’s caused by the lights being to high. there reaching for it. so bring it down so that its a few inches…lets go with 6 inches from the top of your plants
and one other thing…put a fan on them don’t let it blow them over just so that it moves the tops of them.
believe it or not this will make for strong stauk’s.

Well I hope I have answered your questions help
let me know if I can be of any help in the nere future



@garrigan62 @Stomper hey you guys based on what you said went over to growroom and saw they were poor dry so did the wateringmethod with 20% coming bsck out soil looked wetter overal in all cofners of pots while i used to have much dry dirt left only midle of pots stayed wet now all soil nicdly equaly wet so nuce and then i think i understanx what you mean by lowering lights but csn somebody llease translate how much inches is in centimetres im from europe sorry guys xD also put one off 2 smaller blowfans infront off the ladies on the floor making them dance beauthifully but not too hard so i think im good ill back up this with pics i made 2min ago greetings thanks everybody happy grow!!

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forget about mm cm what ever who knows

…if its to hot for the back of your hand its to hot for the plant


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Ok thanks Will really apreciate you helpin me out now im gona water them the right way every time they need it and when the 2 round lezfs in the bottom fall off ill start half nutes schedule again to see how they react to it should be one of the best kits around here with nutes so im pretty sure i made the mistake to give thrm the full batch off nutes while they were still way to small… @garrigan62 i was also thinkin about all kind off methods like SOG SCROGG FIMMING TOPPING are there any you would recommdnd me to use with these AutôLadies?? Hope to have some nice yield off all those tasty strains and have a long time off fun and relaxing!

First, it’s good to see someone put advice to use. Makes us feel smart :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I am not an auto grower but mostly i see folks leave them alone. They are on a shortened lifespan and don’t have as much time to recover from aggressive training.

You can see how scrogs work in the grow journal section. I am on my second Scrog journal. A complete start to finish one is at Bubbelicious 4x4 Scrog started Aug 1

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I sure do Matt…Fimming and topping
would be more than happy to help you with that

ok I see your doing bag…
now the way I see it Matt is your going to have to wait until you see them when there in late vegg stage.
The reason is no since in spending time on them when you don’t know what your growing. You’ll be better off when your in late vegg then you’ll know what the plants are capable of doing as far as growth is concerned…ok
Now when I did my sog I used pcv pipe 1/2 inch and made it 24 inches high… Cheap but effective. Then run string or wire for your net
By the way …would your on-line name have anything with what your growing…lol

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@Stomper thanks for all the good advice glad i got to know all of you !! Greetings

Thx @garrigan62 love to learn anything there is to know about growing tese beatirs. They look already look stronger thanks sooo happy ill keep you guys posted

Hey guys wanted to give yall an update this morning about how the ladues are doing so far. This mornkng when i checked the ladies they were looking Great better then ever leafs turned green again no more nutes burn no more stretching but leafs that are getting bigger new sets off leafs starting to pop and getting 3 fingers already in a timeframe off 3 to 4 days since i got here in the community and you all gave me right advice and corrections and that is why my ladies are mutch happier and healthyer now so a well deserved Thank You All that hflped me adviced me or showed me things to do ir learn about all layers off growing! Really apreciate this community and have deep respects for it and its people! Best thing ever did when i started growing! Now back to the ladies… theyve had first proper watering as you guys explained me last night around 11in the evening ive let about 20% off the water feeded come back out it again and let them rest. This morning their leafs are greener and healthyer then ever i also noticed that with the plants that have sets of 3leafs already the next branch of leafs is ready to pop out so ill have my first plants with 2nudes in maybe 1 or 2 days im very hopefull most off the plants will servive i also put a mini blowing fan in front off the ladies for stemtraining all other details remain the same, humidity is between 55% - 60% temp is at 26c the hps600W lamp at closest i think i can place it with thf back off your hand test and watering at PH:6.5 and adding extra co2 with the co2 bio bucket hanging snd blowing fans mix it into the air. Ill back my story up with pics off about 5min ago.
Like to hear what yall think my 600watts MH light should arrive tuesday during the day and imma switch imeadiatly whenever it arrives so let me know yall advises opinions ! @Oldstoner @Paranorman @garrigan62 @Stomper @raustin @DieHigh55 @Donaldj @ClaireILGM

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Nice setup dude! How far away are your lamps from the plants? Some of them seem to have stretched so far they fell over. Listen to this: Yesterday I went to Aveve to get some rooting powder. They told me they cant sell it anymore because the Flemish government decided there is too high a percentage of a certain chemical (the girl didn’t say which) causing it to be dangerous. So folks, don’t look for rooting powder in northern Belgium, it’s forbidden! F’ked up country. That’s my rant for the day. What do you do about the smell? I dry one plant and the whole house stinks…, well, not really. Make sure your lamp ballast is far from anything flammable, I had a 400W lamp and after the lamp had been on for several hours the ballast would be too hot to touch.

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For the distance off your lamps i got the advice from most growers here to apply the backpalm of your hznd rule iff you hold your hand right above your plants and you lower the lamp and it gets to warm after 5seconds theyre to low whenever you lower it and after 5 sec its nicely warm NOT too hot for your hand you should be good i use a 600watts hps cooltube with cooltube connected to flexihose to a small ventilator that blows the heat out off the cooltube so the heat jnderneath your lamp is less then without the cooltube and thats one off the ghings i did so i could lower my lamp up to 50cms with the advice off the community and the kadies are doing great using a new way of watering also they learnt me also and seeing the ladies improve every hour. I have 600watts indicator and capacitatir all in 1 setup the heave block stands on the floor and runs my 600hps. But the hps lamp is normally more off a blooming lamp but they sold it to me with the advice i could run this hps lamp through the whole veg and bloom cycle but when you have 1lamp and almost 20plants you Got To Have The Right Lamp ASAP so i order a 600watts metal halide MH-lamp that can run through my ballast aswell that really is made for one purpose only growing these ladies to strong womdn so now you know lil bit more about my light setup and how to know the right distance. Aveve i never go to they dong have the right things in my eyes to buy you could properly use inside youre growroom… about that smell i have a pretty strong suction pump with a big sized carbon filter that sucks the smell out off the whole growroom all the time and the filtered to warm air he sucks in also from my cooltube gets blowed out without any smell through one of my windows at 1st floor these devices helps bigtimr iff smell is a problem to you! @DieHigh55

What’s the new way of watering you learned? I only grow one or max. 2 plants at a time…if they survive…so smell isn’t THAT much of a problem, especially if I remember to close the door in the attic/grow room.

Yeah @DieHigh55 we have a nutrient company here that can’t sell 2 of the products that they offer in the state that the company is based in . My suggestion to you for rooting gel would be to make your own out of Azos . It is cheap so is Mykos and they both are excellent products. On YouTube you can see how to videos on Azos and Mykos

Interesting…and those are free samples? Do they send to Europe (Belgium)? What exactly does that stuff do?

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It promotes healthy root growth through healthy microbiology it is all based on live microbiological interaction with the plants roots . It is a symbiotic relationship between the microbes and the root system they feed each other but the Azos actually attaches itself to the root and feeds the plant the nutrients from the grow medium your using to prevent nutrient lock out good luck. They are on Amazon and you can get a bunch for 20 bucks

Cool! Thank you!

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