First indoor grow with issues

Hello guys im Matt im new in this community and just started out my first indoor grow about 2 weeks ago with a couple off nice autoflower seeds and now im facing some issues so i wanted to ask everybody thats wants to help and likes to help for advice my seedlings are about 2weeks and 1 week old ( also 3 regular seeds i got that were 4years old and not grow normal because i didnt had the right stuff to grow…) i hope to add some pics and info about my grow room : i have 2 blowing fans in the top 1 suction pump with carbon filter for smell and heat suction 1 cooltube holder with 600watts hps 1 humidifier since there was only 15% of humidity and ow yes my cooltube is getting ventilated asswel. Have about 14 plants off 1 week old and 7plants off almost 2 weeks and will post pics and issues with them . Thanks in advance!(sorry 4 bad language im from europe)

also forgot to say i have a co2 bio bucket for extra air because sometimes the temp can rise to about 28degrees and the humidity mostly stays around 40-50% butt my plants still look little and i dont know why since im giving thd right amount of nutes as described by the manufacturer off plagron the best selling in Holland…also at the first 6days my light was hanging at 1.5meters above thd plants wich was way too far but i didnt had the cooltube and temp could burn them all at a 32 - 34 degrees…so what yall think all advice welcome thanks in advance

First off welcome and stop feeding them nutrients of any kind until they loose those first two little round leafs that you first see . Those are all the food you need until you get out of the seedling stage . Second what is the Ph. of your water .
You really should fill out a support ticket from @ILGM_Support and get a couple of close up pictures of any issues the plants are having. Only water with a spray bottle and plain water ph about 6.2 to 6.7 for they dont need much just a few sprays 3 or 4 times a day it would be good at this point if you could get the humidity up some


Hey oldstoner thanks 4 thr advice i was giving nutes as described in the feeding plan off plagron and that says in first 2 week you shoold give the root stimulator and stuff like that so only 3 to 4 times a day just wet the soil around the stem and the rest around it?? Im giving way to much water them becuzz i give them about half a little glass of water with the nutes and they about 10cms high now with 4 leaves total in the corners new ones start coming but should have way bigger leaves right now…

I would also lower my lights they are stretching to reach the light from what I can tell . If you have a cfl it can be only 4 or 5 inches away


They are stretching for 2 reasons light distance and light type HPS is a flowering light and simulates end of season red spectrum it can be used start to finish but tends to encourage limb growth. MH is the bulb you need blue spectrum or a conversion bulb which is fuller spectrum as well the light could be some what closer being a 600w HID with cool tube 18-22" inchs


My lights are now hanging at 110cm because at first i thought thf 600 hps would be to strong and the spots on the leaves i assumed it was because the light was to close but thats not a problem then?and my leafs turn yellow is thats also by to much water then??thanks guys!!

I now lowered my lamps to a distance off 60cm like normally should be with 600watts and im looking to buy a better blue spectrum light in the future but the yellow on my leaves and the spots are because to much water and nutes??thanks in advance fellow growers love this community already!!

Listen to @Donaldj. I think that should fix your problem because your lighting is not suited to grow seedlings correctly.

Happy growing! :slight_smile:


Thx 4 the advice bro im looking to buy the right growlamp suited for grow and use these kind of lamps for bloom greetings @raustin im also using extra co2 for the temp is to high i can put that on easily you can check it at theyre very cheap and last up to 65 days…

Goodmorning everybody today i can say with lowering the lamp and giving my ladies only znd really only water and they seem to be enjoying their threatment :metal: leafs getting bigger no naked eye seeing them stretch and colors begin to reset themselves butt still im lookin to get a grow lamp for veg. And the grow/bloom lamp i use now keep it for blooming fase. Just tested ph off water was 6.5 temp is about 26c and humidity lays around 50% up to 55% this morning. Hps600W at about 60cm’s away from plants with the cooltube and ventilater to blow out. Really wanted to take a moment also to thqnk you guys for the free and good qdvice you gave me because thats the only reason my plants are beginning to feel better so thank you all for helping me! Would like yall to know also that if there s an issue with your grow i will zlways love to help and give advice whenever i can and know its the right way. Thanks to @raustin @Donaldj @Oldstoner:smiling_imp:

theyre now 2 weeks old the 2 northern lights auto and 3 wpecisl kush and 2quick ones the rest of 14 is easy bud big bid powerplants

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600w light and 14 plants? I am hoping I am misreading something because you don’t have the light for that many plants to grow to their potential


Yes you reading right they are all autoflowers and i have a second 600 watt lamp if the plants get to big 4 a single lamp @Donaldj

just wanted to make sure you were planning in advance for the space and light they will need autos can get fairly big and I like to plan min of 3sqft per plant 150w each when grown in soil. If it’s your first grow you certainly will have your hands full and your yield may actually be more better quality bud with less plants fighting for light and space. Just my opinion


Yes you absolutely right @Donaldj and if the second light setup still wouldnt be enough i can take the righter wall away and expand my growroom because at this moment its half a chamber to dleep so i can double up if really should neaded. I know its mutch butt i was so sick and tired of paying A1 money to dealers who ask crazy prices for medium quality weed…so thats my reason to get a setup and starting to grow myself. Love to get any advice if people have it always trying to learn more about the plants we love so much

Hey @Matt_auto, I really appreciate your enthusiasm, but you need to get this lighting problem fixed like yesterday!

First, you are using an HPS lamp which is the wrong light spectrum for growing, HPS (high pressure sodium) is only appropriate for flowering. So go out and get an MH (metal halide) bulb for your light fixture, then replace the HPS bulb with the MH bulb.

You are also going to need at least one more light fixture to keep 14 plants happy – I think you’ll probably need 4 lighting fixtures in total for all those plants – plus the correct bulbs for each fixture, that’s two bulbs each, one MH and one HPS for each fixture.

Everything else is fine for now, but those 14 babies will not thrive under your current lighting situation. So get your girls under some metal halide lighting STAT!!! :fearful:

Note: I’m not certain about how many fixtures you need, but definitely more than one.


@raustin ok thanks bro butt currently im not in the possision to buy a new blue spectrum grow lzmp i already looked it up and placed an order already for when the moment comes i can buy it but in the meanwhild ill just have to use this one i think i also have a 250watt and 150watt terrariumlamps to use in terrariums with snakes znd stuff like that can that kind off lamp help me out for now till i get the growlamps?ill add a picture off that 250w lamp.


As anyone here will tell you quality bud is dense compact and crystal covered like an someone went nuts with sugar on them. Bud growth is all about light intensity this is accomplished by having your ladies in the sweet spot where the light is just perfect the more plants you have the more light you need since each lights foot print is different a 600w hid has an optimum footprint of 3x3 9sqft in order to go 4x4 plants lose some of that sweet spot and though they produce it is lower quality at outer fringes. A 600w HID will support 4 well trained plants optimum 9 small single kola but your yield would be no different


Basking lights are same spectrum as HPS I own a bearded Dragon so know which bulbs you are referring to Bright white or cool white cfls would give you a better blue spectrum anything with orange or red hue is better for flowering than veg you can veg under hps but you will have some leggy ladies and certainly not enough light as they will grow tall long branches not short tight node spacing


Oh, yes! As long as they’re NOT heat lamps!

I used to keep lizards, so I’m familiar with those, and yes they use the same full spectrum that is used for plants. I can’t remember if snakes use the same spectrum as lizards though.

The other thing you can do is buy a few cheap full spectrum CFLs… that would also fix your problem for now. They don’t need any special fixture, so just screw them into anything you have lying around.

In fact, if funds are low, you don’t need to spend a lot on your lights. I got 4 CFL grow bulbs for about $25 on Amazon. That might be enough for now.

I’ll try to find them.