First indoor grow with issues

@DieHigh55 at first i thought when my plants are in growing period i shoulf only spray thfm with z mistingbottle until 2 weeks bit thats was wrong ive learned now that i have to put more water in and make all soil inside your pot wet and there has to come out around max 20% so… hope that answers it for ya mate. Greetings

You can also find root stimulator here zlmost in all gardenkngshops and the good ones in weed growshop in hollznd bro znd they sell stuff onlinf aswell you can have it after max 2 days after ordering @DieHigh55

Hey guys i was just wondering my lil ladies are doing good some off them starting to have sets off 3leafs and somr of them are ready to get the next set off branches so i wsnt to try zgain giving some nutes but i wanted to ask yall about how much nutes in liters with water should i make?should i make the schedule i got with the nutes i bought?should i start at half the amount they described?how many times a week must i feed my plants nutes?what time i give best my ladies the nutes in begin off lightcycle or at the end when lights almost fall out? Really need to be educated about the nutes thing i almost burned/killed all my plants previous becuzz i used as mutch as te package manufacturer described… please help me out guuuys @Donaldj @Paranorman @DieHigh55 @raustin @yoshi @garrigan62 @Oldstoner

@garrigan62 @Hammer should be able to help you !

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Best Marijuana Fertilizers and Nutrients for Outdoor Grows 2022 That might help you out a bit.

5 nodes sets of true leaves

Thanks everybody that helped me with the fertilizers i now know when to and huw much so that will do for new i think its to early to give fertilizers the biggest plants have only 3nodes at this moment so way to early @DieHigh55 @Oldstoner @Donaldj

you don’t count very first leafs they are seedlings storage units and die off only new sets and start slow with nutes 1/4-1/2 recommended

Butt shouldnt i just wait with giving nutes znd just give plain water untill i got them 2round leafs falling off?? Csuse they already got nuteburnt at very young age so dont want to stress them out even more @Donaldj

they likely didn’t get nute burn rather the plant consumed them to heal the roots fried by nutes. Yes you only use water

Yeah probably happened what you just told me bro…thanks whenever i start giving nutes again will make sure round leafs are fell off and start only at half strength and give nutes at 1 at 2 waterings thats the right way right?? @Donaldj


Like i said no nutrients until their 5th true sets of leaf s…OK or you’ll have problems.Do you have the pots that your going to finish them in.
If so you need to transplant thoughts pretty quick.
You can transplant them so that lthe long stem is buried and only an inch of the stem is showing.
Miix up one tsp of root stimulator or liquid thrive and one tsp of hydrogen peroxide in gal water P H it to 6’5
This will help plant after transplantingh.



Yeah slready got all pots ready to transplant just didnt know i could slready do that now i thought they were way to little for that but i alreadh realized myself that becuzz they are autoflower they must br in their final pots as fast ass possibld so ill trsnsplsnt them after my shower im going to take now ok bro?? And the nutes root stimulator that i should use then??and is 5liter or 7liter pots big enough i thought they would… @garrigan62 hope to hear off you again fast so i can transplant them today that would be better for the flowering stage thats coming fast…

@garrigan62 these 2 are im going to use oower roots and pure zym off plagron its a root stimulator and pure zym is to help pick up vitamins snd healthy stuff so its says healthy and also again deseases these are additive enhancer that are universal it says 1ml per 1liters off water so and my pots i have to ill add pics to hope you can help me bit im about to start transplantin right now…

my wifes here 4 support aswell waiting on your instructions how to best transplant anx use the helping powerroots and pure zym @Donaldj @DieHigh55 @raustin @Oldstoner @Stomper

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Butt also thinkin zbout installing my normal reflectorcap because i think my cooltube s not gonna spread the light enough on all these autos so should i better use that one again

I would say…install it. The cap can’t hurt, instead of hurting her we should be helping Mother Nature as much as possible. And in return, she helps our crops.

Goedenavond, mevrouw en dochtertje! How many liters is your biggest pot? Curious, maybe mine are TOO big and the plants don’t absorb the notes fast enough.

I agree with @DieHigh55. And you bet I’ll be here for and what you showed me in the pic for simulation perfect good deal


For that size room you will eventually want to be in at least 3gallon pots. Planting them deep to cover the stretched stem is very effective too.

@Matt_auto Aw off topic but boy or girl? Sorry got 2 girls of my own so had to ask an how old if ya don’t mind me Asking that either mine are 10 and 6