First Harvest, Question About Drying

Today was my first harvest! I chopped two White Widow autos and placed them on hangers. After doing so I got to wondering if I should separate the buds more? Do you guys cut each individual stem?


They r fine how they are just keep in dark with a little breeze. Ps invest in a cheap drying rack they work great

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It’s probably better that you do just in case since some are so tight together I’d just use 2 clothes pins for each branchlet

I have a small heater in there to try and keep it around 70°F and around 50% humidity.

@GreenSnek for the two clothes pins are you talking about just cutting each nug and using two to keep it on the hanger or are you using two clothes pins to spread the nugs apart on each branch?

Just to spread them your probably fine but I’m a worrier too

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Congratulations, looks like you did a great job :slight_smile:

@R0ck thanks! Here’s a link to my grow diary if you’re interested. I haven’t added todays entry yet.

Its no big deal, you can hang an entire plant without cutting off anything. The longer it takes to dry your bud … within reason, like 8 to 11 days is decent. You want your fan circulating air bit not moving the buds around. Dark is best but shady is fine.
When your buds are dry to the touch but kinda squishy feeling its probably ok to jar it up for burping.

I’ve always been taught make sure your stems are crisp and snap or they aren’t ready for cure.

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