First grow with Viparspectra V600 coverage question

I’m going into my first indoor grow, and I’m going to start with THC Bomb. I have the V600, and this will not be in a tent. Actual power draw is 120V:260W plus or minus 3%. Is that enough light for two plants?

There are many here with good lighting knowledge.
The general rule of thumb is 50w per square ft. (actual from wall and not stated equivelent)
So your looking at 5 square ft. probably about a 3 x 1.5 area. I think two plants would be ok but a little tight.

Welcome BTW…


Thanks Spiney, that’s pretty much what I thought. I very much appreciate your feedback, I have a feeling I’ll be on here a lot during the first grow. Happy to meet you all, in advance.

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If it was me I might be thinking about low stress training one single plant in the same area and pulling as much as possible from the one. Honestly I dont think you will get more from two plants in that space than from one well trained. As long as we are talking photo period and not autos. If they are autoflowering then definitely go with two.

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I agree. That will, or should tell me a lot by harvest. I’ll keep you posted along the way. Plan on germinating in two weeks.

I have that light and can say it isn’t enough. I have mine in a 4’ x 4’ x 80” and the plant can go insane. I’ve grown twice with 2 plants and it wasn’t enough light. From them it’s only good for about 9 sq feet.

Blue Dream is the plant with all the buds. The other beast is Girl Scout Cookies and she took more of the light since I didn’t know how to trim the plant correctly.

Blue Dream grew to 39” tall.
GSC grew to 54” tall and 39” wide.

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Thank you Mr. Peat, I appreciate your feedback. Great to see pic of Blue Dream. I purchased THC Bomb, Blue Dream and Critical seeds. For first time grow I thought the bomb might be a good start, just one plant and adjust from there.

Are you happy with the light, overall? My thought is to get a second after this first grow, so I can support at least two plants at a time.

I’m happy with the light for a single plant. My first grow ended up having 8 plants. But my White Widow took all the light and only one another managed to get a couple of bugs.

If you do what you need to do, you maybe get away with 2 plants. Like my GSC, I had to pull my Blue Dream since GSC was hogging the light. I didn’t think the GSC was going to make it and she managed to grow up to a big girl.

I’m going to switch to a 1k light by them. I’ve happy with this brand.

@MrPeat if you are going after a new lightand are set on Vipar, might I suggest 2 - 600w instead of 1 - 1000w, that way you can have more coverage by spacing them apart, also comes in handy when one plant outgrows others, you can have one higher than the other. (they do make a long narrow 600, instead of the square 600w)

I have 2 Vipar 450s in my 3x3, and often have them at different heights, I usually grow 4 plants at a time, keeping the 2 shorter one one side, and the 2 taller on the other side (pic below). I added a cob inbetween them just because it was on sale and would fit…


@Ron330 glad you piped in. I do love my Vipar. As one can see by my Blue Dream and GSC can work at a 600w aka 275w per hour on the power bill.

I never thought of just getting another 600w one. I really have to watch the heat down in South Texas. My grow room does get pretty hot during the summer months. It’s still hitting past 100 degrees here.

Soon it’s going to be prime time growing season for me. I started my GSC in mid June and she just started flowering a few days ago. I’ll see how my jimmy rig ac duct drops the temperature. It can hit past 85 degrees due to the AC being restricted to this side of the house.

I’ll take your consideration of having two of the same lights and go from here. I can’t stress enough it’s hotter than Satans butt crack here.

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ya, I didn’t think about the heat, I am in Ohio, and in the summer my tent maxes out about 95 degrees (except the one time I plugged my fans into the timer instead of the lights, then it hit 107, lol)…

best of luck whatever you decide…

@Ron330 I just pulled the trigger. I do like the idea of two instead of one. My fan is plugged into my timer but I will have to change it with a 2nd grow light. All it will do is cost me less than $40 a month on two lights.

I forgot to add with two lights I will be able to hit all areas on my GSC.

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Hi Ron. I went ahead and ordered another Viparspectra 600. My first one lasted 2 weeks before veg lights went out. Customer service was great but I’m concerned about that happening again. Apparently the starters have an issue on some. I sent mine to Viparspectra to be repaired, and received my second one from Amazon two days after first light went out.
I feel more secure having the second light as a back up if nothing else during this first grow.

@Blurryface I ran my Viparspectra PAR600 Light from May 2018 till I replaced it in October 2019 with my HLG 260x Rspec kits.

Only issue I had was a lot of heat. But the light had no problem running 14 on and 10 off the whole time.

I’m going to give my hiking partner my 2 Viparspectra PAR600 lights.

If you are running in a 4x4 tent, you need to use both. Otherwise you are screwing yourself as one won’t be enough light.