Viparspectra 600W Dimmable Series VA1200 LED Grow Light

What do you guys think about this?? they on sale for $99.00. Is this to good to be true?

So yes and no I think. Yes it’s a good deal but that’s a burpee light it will grow weed but no very good or powerful light maybe can do 1 plant. Maybe a 2x2 space barely. I have a newer viparspec xs1500 with 301 Samsung dios and meanwell driver. It dose a good job but my HLG dose a much better job. If u want to waste a 100 go ahead but if u need a light for a 2x2 space I think u can find much better


I believe you get what you pay for so i am always cautious.

Thank you KingKupa.

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What would be a good Quality light for a 5’x5’ grow area without breaking the bank? In the past I used 1000w MH and 1000w HPS with light balancers in a 12’x12’ with Mylar and flat white paint everywhere. I am not trying to grow a cash crop. this is for personal consumption :grinning:

BTW that room got hot.

I wish I knew the answer to that aswell. I’m in a 4x4 and would luv to have 1 light but don’t have 800-900 extra bucks laying around. I use a HLG light and and new viparspec model. So all I really know is to look for Samsung 301 dio they are the most efficient “ help keep heat down” and probably look for a light that has a driver you can place outside. HLG has great stuff check them out also a few people on forum have Green Beams . Com they have 2 light US based company. I’ll tag in some experts to help

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Thank you for helping me.

Check out grow light science. They have some nice lights.

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HLG 600 RSpec LED Grow Light - Horticulture Lighting Group — LED Grow Lights Depot Will this work for a 5x5 along with the supplement light.

Advice needed… Should I buy the HLG 600 RSpec or 4 of the HGL 100 RSpec. Its about the same money

I had a bad experience with my Bruce Banner Autos. Everything started great, veg, flowering started great. Yet when I moved outside rain come to east GA and has rained every day here for weeks. Now I have bud rot. I’m bummed out and ready to go back indoors obviously.

Dbrn32, Can you please advise.