My lights right?

So I’m growing for the first time and I’m burning my babies! Is a 600w led vipar light too much for a 2x4 tent?

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How about some pictures? No way to tell. Also, plug wattage of your 600 Viparspectra.

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How close is the light to your girls? Also pics if possible and welcome to the forum.

Pictures and details of model so we can look into your questions

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Sorry for lack of detail! Lights about 30" away. Only getting worse, if they grow! Light says 600w I don’t know anything else. Working now but ill take pic later. Thanks for your comments!!

Which model viparspectra light do you have? Do you have a red/blue model or a newer model with a more natural light?

The spec sheet that came with product or website where you bought should tell you actual draw of the light.

Its about 30". There clones if that matters. Maybe two weeks old.

I’m not positive what model right now. It was part of bud grower tent package. Its on veg and the lights are blue and yellow. I had a 1500 w light in then decided it was too much.

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If light has a veg an bloom switch it’s about 290 watts and 30 inchs should not burn the plant with that light. Pop up a picture would be good.

Ty so much! I’ll get pic asap

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Welcome to the community ! My first thoughts looking at the tips of the leafs burnt. Your soil could be a little hot for your plants. Also a picture in natural will help. if possible fill out the ILGM support ticket a little history will help Growers with feedback. Include watering schedule and nutes . Happy growing

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Vipar 600w will veg the plants nice for u. Might even get some nice looking buds 2 3 inches round. I did with my first grow. But the buds were super airy and loght as hell. Had a bud that was the main cola 3 inches round a slight bit bigger than 3 inches but after dry and cure the bud weighed 6 grams but looked like it was like an oz or better. I have a bud right now that is just under an oz itself cane from under hlg 260xl. Hgl lights will make a killer difference for u. When it comes just do a change out and start off at low power about 26 inches above plants should be okay for them. Do the clones take root or are u not sure if they r rooted or not

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Yeah I agree @Mark0427 the viper 600 is a great veg light. But not quite enough for flowering, buds will be very pretty but not Solid.

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Were these rooted clones that someone gave you or just cuts that weren’t rooted yet?

I’ve had clones come out my cloning tray that look just as bad as those and they tend to come back with a little TLC. I see some new growth on a couple of those plants.

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Those plants have issues besides the light, you better fill out a support ticket…

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I’d like to know how often you are watering and how much. Those trays look like the plants sit in the runoff water.

If soil, what kind?

Thanks for the good news and advice! nice job on your grows! These plants have been through a lot already, its embarrassing! Had someone start em, lights were on bloom from a 1500 w lights for 5 or so hours. Been in my colder basement also. I most likely over watered also. I haven’t checked for roots, just signs of life. Brown spots I had are going away best I can tell. Clones givin to me, day of potting. Thanks for the light advice!

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Definitely don’t dig around the base of the plant looking for roots or pull the plant out of the dirt or anything like that to check. That’s a sure fire way to kill it.

Still not really clear whether these were clones that had produced roots and then we’re potted or if these were simply cuttings that were stuck in dirt unrooted. You can get results either way. It’s just gonna take a lot longer And you’ll have a lower success rate if those cuttings had not produced roots before going into the dirt.

Regardless the day after sticking them in the soil is not really a good indicator of how they will be doing in a week or two weeks. Those plants are still adjusting to the shock of being transplanted. Definitely give it a few days before making any rash decisions. Longer if those clones were not rooted when they got put in the dirt.

Thanks all! These were cuttings put in dirt the day of. I was told lights 24/7. I didn’t agree so I’ve been giving them 5 hrs off last few days, same time. The 5ft tent i have just isn’t enough room! I didn’t dig in dirt and I think they are starting to look better. Purple stems tho.