Viparspectra XS1500 Pro?

This is my first time. My setup is as follows . AC Infinity 36”x24”x72” grow tent, AC Infinity 4” in-line fan with carbon filter, and Viparspectra XS1500 Pro light. I have 1 Durban Poison Fem photo period from ILGM in her 6th week of flower, and the buds I think are very small compared to a lot that I’ve seen of others in their 6th week. She’s been super healthy from sprout with no issues. She’s in a 5 gal fabric pot with 50/50 FFOF and FFHF. She starting getting Gaia Green all purpose in 4th week of veg along with Recharge,and Cal Mag. I switched her to Gaia Green Bloom her first week of switching over to 12/12. I was thinking that maybe I need a stronger light ? Or maybe it’s the combination of light, strain, and possibly under feeding ?? Any help would be greatly appreciated


Plant looks healthy keep up the good work couple more weeks to fatten up.
Happy growing :v:


Thank you ! The top buds look pretty good, it’s the ones under the very tops that seem super small and airy that’s why I was thinking maybe my light wasn’t strong enough


I checked out the specs on your Viparspectre. It only draws 150 watts, so it isn’t a very powerful grow light. As you’ve seen with your plant, the top buds are getting the strongest light, but underneath not so much.

On a separate note, it’s a beautiful plant and you’ve done an awesome job growing it thus far!

If you upgrade your light down the road, your current Viparspectre would make a great light for seedlings or a veg tent. I’d look for something in the 300 watt range.


Thank you. I totally agree with you about my light not being strong enough. I’m defiantly going to upgrade

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Should I put another xs 1500 pro in along side the one I have or just totally replace with a single 300w light ? My tent is 3x2 and two xs 1500 pro’s will fit nicely, but not many 300w lights fit in a 3x2. At least from what I’m seeing, but I’m totally new too all this so I’m sure ya’ll know what’s best

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If you can find a used or refurbished HLG 300Rspec it would fit perfectly. It’s 26"x10" and would provide awesome coverage in a 3’x2’ tent.

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