First grow with new rdwc setup

What do y’all think? I’m a master plumber so this was pretty fun building this. I did a lot of searching here so thanks for the great info! I used uponor pex water lines with expansion fittings, totally unnecessary but I hate leaks. It’s going thru a chiller and everything seems pretty dialed so far. I have a 2x4 setup with everything ac infinity. I went with a 4" fan but I switched to a 6" setup. Can anyone find a damn wifi controller right now? I’m using jacks 321 and hydro guard. One thing I noticed while building this was the water level between buckets. I wish the tent had a lower hole for a setup like this. I found lifting the buckets with pvc spacers to be the simplest choice so far. I plan on making some small changes and if y’all see anything to change let me know!



Sweet setup! I checked ac infinity’s website today they seem to be stocked up in the 67 and 69 controllers

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Looks like you got good information: you shouldn’t have any problem with that setup. I use the same air pump and chiller and they do a great job. How large is your check-rez?

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They unfortunately don’t have the wifi controller. I snagged the ausolating fan though.

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It was pretty funny actually with how many changes I made. Originally had my sights on one of those shitty online kits for a ton of money and luckily I searched on here and got all sorted with rdwc. It was a lot to wrap my mind around but I feel like I am going in a solid direction so far. I also have a whole house water filtration so the plants should be happy. I’ve always wanted to get a setup going so it’s a fun new hobby for me.

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AC-Infinity Cloudline 69 WIFI (when available) Not the old Bluetooth 69 or 67

Nice set up. I also built my own. I’m in between grows right now but hopefully I’ll start back up next week sometime.

I’ve got a very similar set up. I’ve got it broken down right now for pm and a few upgrades.

Only thing I see is what I’m doing, paint all lines black and wrap your buckets with reflectix or some type insulation. Wrap you pex lines as well. Light shinning through the pvc and pex lines will cause algae to grow inside the lines.

I am spraying my totes, pvc, and everything with flex seal. It holds a lot better than spray paint.

How many gal does your system hold?
Again, your setup looks fantastic. I’ll be following along. If you need anything, feel free to give us a shout. Good luck. :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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man you went all out on this setup…looks nice and clean


I’m not sure what kind of WiFi controller you want but Grovee Makes wifi stuff. :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

Thanks for the input! Just for these pictures do I have the lines exposed. I have them wrapped with insulation foam and wrapped in reflective bubble wrap. I have 3 8 gallon buckets and I’m pretty dialed on my water height at 15 gallons total.

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I have just a tad bit more water. I run about 22 gal during veg but flower, I’ll drop the water level down another inch or two to give roots more air. So, during flower, I have around 15 gal in my system.
Just keep in mind, If you could increase your res size… more water makes it easier to keep a stable environment for the roots.
Your gonna love Jacks. It is so easy.
I also use Armor Si, Jack’s, and hydroguard.
Good luck! :v::+1:t2::sunglasses:

I think I may have made a slight mistake with my initial setup. I went with the 5 gal net pods, they are very stable but they drop down a bit lower then I like. I may switch it up to a smaller net pod to get my water height a bit higher. Right now I have the water height about 2 inches lower then the pod I’m really liking 321. It seems very user friendly.

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@Ak723 wow that’s all I can say happy growing



I’ve seen some float valve setups run off of a 35 gallon barrel that would give you excellent standby time and would keep things stable longer. Maintaining the correct distance below net pot is a good idea and one of the chief advantages of RDWC over straight DWC.

Yeah; I use 4" net pots which are only about 4" in depth for that reason. You can grow as large as you want but they can be a bit unstable unless pinned down to the lid.


I’ve got 6” netpots…… and a LOT of them… lol
If I ever run out, I’ll get 3 inch net pots. More water for the roots.

I also have 2 grow sites and went with 20 gal totes to grow in and offset my netpots so they’re near the back of the tote. It gives them a little more room to grow without roots getting sucked into the outlet. I still have to watch them during the stretch. Every now and then, I’ll have a runner that wants to go with the flow… lol.
All I do is reach in and fold the roots over themselves to get them away from the outlet. Easy peasy. So, during a grow, I may have to do that 3 or 4 times.

Are you planing on running a scrog?

What kind of insulation are you using for the pvc? I couldn’t find any foam insulation for 1 1/2” pvc so I’m using black flex seal to block out light and may wrap them in reflectix to help insulate them. :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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Thanks for the heads up on the roots, ill be on the look out for that.I just have a really basic trellis setup. What do you recommend for that?

Hit up supply house my man. They are great i order from them almost everyday for my plumbing.

For 3 inch this would work nice also

Also this mastik tape is the shit. Super sticky and reflective. Ideal for heat and humidity. Ive used it for a few things with the build.

Just swapped out the 4" fan for a 6" and definitely worth it. Temp dropped a solid 5 degrees and am only on setting 6. The tent started sucking in and messing with my small fan so I rigged up some 1" pex to stabilize the tent and it worked great.