How to build RDWC system

This is the video I watched to get an idea to build my system and it works GREAT


I haven’t checked out his videos in a while but didn’t he convert to using current culture undercurrent?

I have no idea. I built one like this and I love it and it was cheap

Love that video, helped me a lot.


how much space does it take to fit all that inside? looks way more complicated than what I use.

My tent is 4’x4’x80". It is actually quite a simple system really. 2 inch pipe feeds fitlrst bucket from reservoir which feeds the back 2 buckets that outlet to a 2 inch by 3/4 T which makes it so that very minimal negative pressure comes from the buckets (so roots don’t get sucked in) and a pump returns it through a rain drip filter back to the reservoir.

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how many buckets in that size?

I have 3 5 gallon buckets. I just edited my previous post with more info. I recommend using square buckets for better leak control.

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yeah, my first one I tried with uniseals. ended up with 20 gallons of water on growroom floor and lost 3 mature plants. Live and learn, lol.

was looking at your air pumps. It looks like there is one airstone for each pump?

Yea I was trying to take a video but it didn’t like my video file. Each bucket has it’s own air pump to air stone. I had lots of leaks and I used apoxy and rubber spray to seal the uniseals.

I used 20gallon trash cans. When I got everything finished,I sprayed around the uniseals, inside and out with Flex seal, as seen on TV. It’s been going for over a year and I haven’t had any leaks

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Can I only post videos if it comes from my YouTube or something?

I went through like 8 cans of flex seal and they kept leaking because of the round buckets. So I used apoxy and that fixed it.

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I guess I got lucky. I just happened to have some that I’d used on my condenser for my still

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Here is a quick video of my setup.

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Cool video. Mines like the one in the video I posted. Pretty much the same as yours except mine are 20gal and I only have 2 for plants and one for the reservoir. I added a 2x3/4 tee, then a ball valve, then thru the floor and connected to a hose. When I get ready to drain, I just open the ball valve

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Smart. I just use my wet vac to suck all the water out. I do have unions so that all the black parts are 1 solid piece if I ever need to relocate it.

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I have built a number of systems, most of them of the one plant under current type. I have one right now that I’ve built that consist of a 5 gallon bucket connected to a 6 gallon bucket with pvc pipe.

A submersible pump placed into the “reservoir bucket” pumps water out of there, through a water chiller, and back in to the “grow bucket” which then drains through the pvc back into the “reservoir bucket” creating the “under current”.

If i built another one i would do it in a 14 gallon tote, eliminate the pvc and the interconnected buckets, with a chiller incorporated. Water would just get pumped out of the tote with a sub pump, through the chiller and back into the tote. Easy peasy. Of course that’s just a one plant setup.

Im only in a temporary setup right now though so i can’t run something like that.

I just got one simple bucket and air stones

I like @Grandaddy013 idea of using the trash can, allows those roots to extend long and deep.


I have similar sized air pumps that came with 6-outlet adapter, so I run all six 3 inch stones in one res. After I flooded my growroom, I made a rdwc as simple as It could be done. 1 27 gal reservoir connected to square 5 gallon bucket with 1 1/2 inch tubing connectors, submersed pump in 5 gal with 1/2 inch tubing coming thru the top and over into res. Use gallon jug of ice daily in 5 gal to cool the nutes as they circulate thru it.