First grow w/ clones and new here

Long story short I wasn’t planning on growing but shop had a deal on clones- Miracle Alien Cookies. Snatched them up and a 3x3x5 tent and 600w LED.
I am pretty sure I over watered and had the lights too close at the transplant (18”) 2 days ago but have tried to “dry out” the soil- draining it at an angle since laying flat nothing was coming out (got an additional cup or so of water out this morning) and lightly fluffing the outer inch or two from the pot edges. Clones are 2 or 3 weeks old in rockwool with roots showing around the cube. Soil is royal tupur gold lights are 36-40” about plants. As this is my first Indoor grow do they look okay? I do have a block of coco I was going to use but did not have time to soak it and now don’t want to move them again to cause more stress.
Temp is 75-78 still trying to dial in the fans/heater
Water good ph from RO source.

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Can’t edit but lights are 18/6 and used floranova 7-4-10 at 25% strength at transplant.

Yeah looks real wet, let her dry some! Do you have TDS and PH pens? If not then you need to get a decent set! They actually look pretty good, not familiar with Floranova, RO water has basically nothing in it!
Welcome to the forum, you are in the right place to learn about weed!

Thx! Testers coming tomorrow. Will let you know what the readings are

Welcome to the forum. They look healthy and happy.

update - ph 5.8 TDS I guess I need to leave sit overnight to get everything dissolved (equal water/soil, strain and measure) have not watered since the soaking at transplant (4 days ago), they look good so far.

Question - after I test the ppm tomorrow, am I hoping to see like 300-500 for this early stage of veg (which at this point would be nutes from the soil)? I have FloraNova that is 7-4-10 and based on the feed chart should be 550-700 in early veg. So do I add nutes to the water to get up to those levels if they are under, and if over, then plain water? (have RO and distilled on hand)

Soil ph should be 6.2-6.8 for optimal. What you ar describing is a slurry test, and is used to determine what your your soil is before you start, will work , but all you need is runoff from the plant! Per your question, that is exactly what you do! Remember RO and distilled water have basically nothing in them, unless you have really bad water( high TDS or whacked out PH ) or trying to protect beneficial microbes in soil, maybe just use tap water, just be sure to add nutes before checking ph!


Thanks @Holmes since I haven’t watered in a few days (letting them dry out) there was nothing to measure for runoff so doing the slurry. Will get some ph up and go slowly. They are still moist a few inches down- do we want the entire pot dry or just around the rockwool/ 3 gal fabric taking longer than I thought to dry completely and “feel” like they want a drink!

It won`t hurt it to dry , in soil that is what you want. Takes longer for a small plant to dry, because it dont drink much. Larger plant is a different story. You can have fan blow across area to help drying, and yes probably needs to dry out pretty good!

Results from slurry test. Sample soil taken kind of close to rockwool. PH is fine based on this, but ppm is WAY low

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@Holmes Here they are 1 week after transplant thanks again for all your help!

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Is ph pen calibrated? Do you have drops to check? You can use the RO or distilled to see if they are in the ballpark! PH is better checked by using calibration drops. You can also use the ph drops that will get you close! PPMs are low, you can actually feed clones at the same PPM as their mother was receiving but I usually lower it a little plus you really don`t know what the PPM of mother was?

Clones are going to have a rough spot or two, it is the new growth your watching, and that looks OK, a little droopy but…
You are welcome, I want to see these babies grow almost as much as you do
:grin: :sunglasses: :crossed_fingers:

pen is calibrated based on the the packets of solution and steps I followed…pretty sure i have a pool test kit left over somewhere for ph. will dig that out. No clue what the ppm of mom was… the 5.8 PH I mentioned earlier was after I calibrated and checked the RO water I used at transplant but given the soil is where it should be i will monitor the water closer before feeding them since the water seems low.

Droopy…doesn’t sound awesome…

It is not a major issue at this point? Probably too moist!

Couple other things to watch at all times is RH% and its relation to temp. also known as VPD vapor pressure deficit. There are charts, I have a few if you need them!

Humidity runs around 55-60, and temps I try to keep at 77ish, but hot yesterday and will be today so tent was 83 yesterday and might climb a bit today too…found the charts you mentioned look like i might need to bump humidity a touch

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Hey new to growing clones but recently started our first one and was wondering how she’s lookin???

1st is the day I got it, 2nd is after it rooted out of cup and was planted, and 3rd is now 4 days later???

You should start a new thread, this is 2 yrs old. They look a little thirsty and or hot but might be from being root bound in the starter cups.
You’ll need to give watering rate, set points, etc

The last pic looks like they’re doing better tho

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Thank you