First Grow questions 300w LED in a 160x60x120cm grow tent

Questions from a fellow grower:
Ive ordered some amnesia haze autos from you guys. Its my first grow. I will be growing under a 300w maxisun LED in a 160x60x120cm grow tent. Could you please give me some helpful tips like:

  • lighting hours for this strain?

  • do i really need to feed my plants nutes in order to get a good potent yeild?

  • how much do you reckon i will yeild with your suberb genetics and my led?

  • how many plants would you suggest i grow in the tent?

  • how big should my pot be?

  • do i only keep my light on veg or do i need to use the bloom feature for when the plant starts to flower?

Hope you have some time to reply and help me out, im going to keep a grow journal of this grow (amnesia haze).

I’d use 3-5 gallon pots, 1 plant for that size light, most soils have enough nutes for 1st month or so, use both switches at first sign of flower and yield, if everything goes great, maybe a couple oz

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Sorry, missed lighting hours. I run mine 18/6 until it begins to flower then 12/12 after

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Cheers man what would happen to the plants if i put 2 plants under only 1x 300w led? Besides the fact they may not yeild alot per plant but i figure i would still yeild more with 2? First ever grow so im obviously lacking experience. If i were to grow just one, do you have any LST tips for me in order to get the most out of my amnesia and jack herer autos :+1::call_me_hand::+1::call_me_hand:

I’d start with two seeds, after about 2 weeks, if they reached 5-6 nodes, top, keep the faster growing of the two and lst it so you end up with something like this. That’s one plant


He’s running autos though. So it’s pretty much a guarantee that they won’t look like your beast. Is it advisable to top autos? Even LST? It might stunt them before they get the chance to grow.


That’s a white widow auto in that picture


You need 18 inches of air gap from the lights, space to hang them, and the pot height. For a 5 foot tent, you will have to screen and train the branches to grow horizontal until the first signs of flower then let them stretch vertical. I am growing a single White Widow in a 6 foot tent. The ILGM stats denote 2 foot height average. I did not train, just let her grow. HUGE mistake on my part… I should have trained…


My WWA exploded during flower…

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OP, you need to read up on the life cycle of autos. @Ausgrow asks a good question. I don’t think autos have a long enough life cycle to accomodate extensive topping and training.

Also, yield is directly related to light. Look up how much power your light actually DRAWS. I’d bet it’s not really 300 watts. 50 watts of actual draw per square foot of canopy is the general rule of thumb for these types of lights. Expect somewhere between 1/4 gram per watt up to (unlikely) 1 gram per watt. Getting to a gram per watt would require everything else to be dialed in perfectly.

Good luck with your grow. I’ve only grown a handful of autos and never trained any of them so can’t be of much more help,


Pretty lady !! :eyes:

I have photos growing atm but when they are done i will be doing Amnesia Haze Auto and White Widow Auto…so i am researching all i can on autos and i think i read that topping/training is not advised to beginners due to them being stunted and only having a short life span, that being said looking at @HornHead grow makes me also think it is damn possible to top/train, proof is in the pudding so to speak! I dont think i would trust myself in topping/training autos on my 1st run tho, id have to get a feel for them to even think about it!
I had ordered 7gal pots for my autos…do you think this will be too big @HornHead should i downsize?

I pinched (Fim) the top once it hit node 4. Only one time and only node 3 or 4

I think that’s why must people end up with smaller autos, using small pots. I use 7 gallon fabric pots and top all my autos after 5 node so I’m left with just 4 sets of nodes, 8 total main branch’s and train it so it resembles a candlabra and haven’t got less than 4oz a plant. When you top, you just have to have a healthy fast growing plant


Wow. Is that in a 4x4 tent? It’s an autobeast.

No, just a small 18"x36"

Thank you so i shall stick with the 7gal for the 2 autos. I also hope you know that your going to be my ‘go to’ guy when i start the autos :wink: having an auto girl that beastie is just amazing, id like to atleast try :wink:

Sorry to the OP for blowing up your thread :see_no_evil:

@HornHead i could tag u into my journal atm, they are photos but i have topped and lst them :slight_smile:

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Hell yeah I’ll follow along. Tag me in

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Geez appreciate the support alot!

Mate that plant looks unbelievable, im going to top only one of them and see the difference at the end.
By far the biggest auto i have ever seen.

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Algood man, youve asked some good questions which has added to my basic knowledge, good luck for your grow. Always just that little more exciting growing autos in my opinion. Probs because you can be smoking your own herb in a matter of months!

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