Getting ready for my first grow

I’m gearing up for my first grow. I’ll be growing white widow autoflowers. Here’s what I have so far.
AC Infinity 733 grow tent (3x3). 4" Ac Infinity nextgen ventilator, carbon filter, 2x vivosun vs100 full spectrum led grow lights.
I’m using 5 gallon grow bags with peat moss and vermiculite 50 50 mix. dolomitic lime and gypsum pellets to balance ph. My target for ph is 6.0.
My game plan calls for 2 plants using lst (I’m guessing around 3 weeks to start training.
As for nutes, I’m planning on using Jack’s classic 20-10-20 1/8 tsp/gallon after 2 weeks
Then going up to 1/2 tsp per gallon during flowering stage. Plain water starting 2 weeks before harvest.
Will germinate in water and dark.
Any advice, comments and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Oh yes, 18/6 light schedule

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Welcome to the forum!

Only advice I have is to be sure and not overwater. That is the number one mistake starting out. After you plant them, you can mist a clear solo cup and let them go, as they take in their water from the top at first. This is while they establish roots. Then just start with a few ml’s every couple days.

You may consider upgrading lighting at some point as well. 40w/sqft is a good number to be at, and with 2-100w lights, it’s going to be a little tough to get those big, bulky flowers we all shoot for. With training you can still get some decent nugs, tho.

Good luck and happy growing!!!

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Thank you for your input. the 100 watts x 2 were a budget trade off. My hope is that After harvest I can yield enough bud to bypass my favorite vendor and with the savings upgrade to better lighting.
As for now I’m considering 2 plants, but that’s not set in stone


Agree with @Borderryan22 ryan on the lighting. Do you have a PH and TDS pen, and intake fan to bring in air from the lung room :love_you_gesture:


yes, I do have ph, ec/tds pen. 6" oscillating fan in tent


Sounds good to go. If your using organic grow I would suggest not ph-ing the water as long as it’s closer to the 7.0 range and try to just run with that and the amendments in top soil about every 2 weeks depending on what and how much. I just try to keep an even balance of nutes in the soil for my plants. And like they said never over or under water. Keep a decent schedule and stick to if. I would say water a 5gal every 3 to 5 days during different stages of life.

Thank you. I upgraded to a 480 w spider farmer SE5000.
Soil PH is now at 6.4. I think I’m ready to germinate these girls.
Given the increased wattage how many plants would do well in a 3x3?

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Once you figure out how much light the plants can take without being too much you will be good. Just keep a tape measure close and watch them get closer to the light. I would just keep them the distance the manufacturer says and you should be good. But like I was saying they may be able to take more light which In turn will produce more nug mass👌🏼 just get comfortable. You are the decision maker at this point. Just be easy on them at first until they got some roots and good 5 finger leafs before you jack the light up that how I play it safe.

Get the environment dialed in and you’re golden. :100: good grows​:potted_plant:

I saw you said you have a carbon filter. Do you have an exhaust fan?

Thanks again for all of your help. I can’t wait to get some pics posted.
I’m thinking about just 1 plant to start with. Since I’m doing autoflowers i might start another plant around a month into the grow ( depending on how much room I have in the tent at that point
Thanks for the pic of your gorgeous young lady!!! :smiley: :grinning:

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I would have to agree with you and go with one plant. I mean depending on your space and your 400+ watt light you should definitely be able to do 2 plants no problem. That’s my opinion. I have a 130 watt light and I planted 2 like you said and the other 2 later after about 3 weeks and some days. So we shall see. This is my first auto run so I’m learning new ways also. I had a buddy show me the way he grew his autos without topping/fimming and they were gorgeous. Seemed like the center cola just makes way fatter bugs than topping the plant. Yes it’s more prone to bud rot and or mold but as long as the environment is clean and good airflow you should be fine.

No problem by the way I always loving sharing information and hearing new info and learning as much as I can. I love growing. I’m so passionate about it and I hope to see everyone feel the same way about plants. They help us thrive as people as well. We wouldn’t be here without them. :heart::100:

Here’s another one. She’s getting prettier every day… I use down to earth dry amendments btw. I used some aloe while I was waiting for the (fert) in the mail. I just boiled it and made it into a spray and waited for lights out and spray the plants down, they just thrived so beautifully. I’m going to start amending 1 tablespoon of down to earth 444 every week or so. Trying not to burn the plants. Also I got a new tent on the way should be here today. And a fan with a speed controller and temp gauge. So this should be all we need to keep everything under control. Here the humidity stays about 59 to 65 percent so I really don’t have to do much an adjustment to the humidity like at all. It stays perfect for me. :heart: good luck everyone with there plants. I used DE occasionally but only for pest control I use everything as a spray other than the soil amendments that I used for the plants food.

Hi there. You have a few white spots on the left fan leaf. Could this be the start of wpm? Hope not. Nice plants.

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It’s definitely nothing to worry about as I said up top I been using diatomaceous earth as a spray to keep little critters out and that’s the white spots you see on the leaf

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Good deal, do you have an intake fan bringing in fresh air from the lung room/area outside the tent :love_you_gesture:

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I use jacks classic also and have since the late 80s or early 90s and you might want to look at jacks classic bloom booster for flowering nutes instead of the 20-10-20 which is better for veg stage. I also mix jacks bloom booster 50/50 with scotts super bloom and it works great

I start off at 1/2 strength and work up

Just a quick question.
Since I picked up a 480 watt grow light I’m wondering if i can light the bottom of the canopy (when it gets to that point) with 1 of the 100 watt panels. Has anyone tried that?