First Grow for Yosh

Hey everybody, so glad to have found this place. Seems like a really great community with a lot of knowledgeable folks. I started my first grow about 8 weeks ago, and am now completely hooked. I got some random bag seeds from a neighbor, and ended up with 9 plants. It’s been one big experiment, and so far I think it’s been a success. From what I can tell there are 8 females and 1 male…hoping I’m right on that. Here’s my setup and a couple of pics. Please let me know if you see anything I’m missing, or if there is anything I can do to help things along.

50/50 blend of coco and perlite
3 gal air pots (except for my 2 biggest plants that are in 5 gal air pots)
2 Mars Hydro TS1000’s
1 cheap no-name blurple light my neighbor gave me
Fox Farm Grow Big
Gringo Rasta Cal-Mag
Ferti-Lome Soil Acidifier + Iron
Fox Farm Boomerang
pH around 6.2

Temps have fluctuated more than I would like. They’ve ranged from 65-80, but mostly stay 70-77. RH has also fluctuated more than I’d like…anywhere from 45%-80%. We’ve had some big ambient temp swings where I live over the past 2 weeks.

I switched to 12/12 10 days ago, and really haven’t noticed much of a stretch. The new growth on a couple of them has started to claw, which is freaking me out. I’m assuming this is from the temp and rh fluctuations?

Thanks in advance for any input and help you can offer


Welcome and first of all pull that male out fast, it will ruin all of your plant ,but other than that great job​:100::green_heart:


Thanks Oldschool. I yanked him out last night. It’s a shame too cause I had high hopes for that one. Oh well, still have 8 left.


I see the claws in the upper left angle you are talking about! I assume they are having a nitrogen toxicity.
How much and what are you feeding?
All plants from the same strain?

Maybe those in that angle are receiving less light thus they eat lesser

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I have been feeding Fox Farm Grow Big at 10ml/gal, and throwing in cal-mag at 3-5ml/gal every other feeding or so. When I started the Grow Big I was using it every watering. I recently read that in coco it’s best to feed-water-feed-water, so I’ve been trying that. Is that the best way to do it? After I noticed the clawing I flushed them really good with just pH’d water, but didn’t notice a big change. I started thinking that maybe it was root problem, so I moved them to 5 gal pots a few days ago. The newest growth looks a little better as of this morning. I also read about the nitrogen toxicity, and figured it would be a good time to switch to my bloom nutes since they have less N. I started Advanced Nutrients Sensi Bloom for coco last night. The pH perfect part of that line is what really sold me. Those 2 that are clawing are getting pretty good light. I actually moved the light up a bit since they were only about 12" from it, so maybe that will cast more light their way.

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Just realized I forgot to answer your other question GoodMafia. Based on the way they are growing and the leaf/plant structure, I think they are all different strains. The more reading I do I’m starting to realize that this is not making it any easier. I guess if they were all the same strain maybe they would all show the same deficiencies, would all drink/eat the same amount, etc. I’m going to have to get some good seeds of the same strain for my next run.

Good to know that you flushed. Fox farm schedule recommends feeding every other watering yes and many flushes during the grow. I would do 1/2 strength for the problematic plants.

Not necessary. But you can treat them almost the same way.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll make sure I add flushing to the routine. Here are some individual pics of a few of them. Not sure if the yellowing at the base of the new growth is a deficiency, or just new growth that hasn’t green’d up all the way yet.


See the schedule feeding on fox farm website.

The new growth are healthy.

So today marks 22 days since I flipped to 12/12…still no sign of flowers. I’m seeing some hairs pop on lower nodes on a few of them, but nothing up top. They’ve all stretched a decent amount, and seemed to have slowed down on upward growth. They did get a little cold stressed over the past few days, but I really thought that would help kick them in gear. Here are a few overhead pics. Any ideas?
Uploading: 20201102_095826.jpg… Uploading: 20201102_095756.jpg… Uploading: 20201102_095748.jpg…

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Have you checked for light leaks? Also, do you visit your plants during lights OFF time?

Either of those could cause the plant to stay in vegetative growth.

I don’t even open the door to the room during lights off. My wife left her bowl and grinder in there one day and got pissed that I made her wait til the lights came back on to get it haha. I checked for light leaks early on and fixed a few spots, but may need to check again to be safe. My lights are on from 6:30am-6:30pm, which is basically sunrise to sunset. If any daylight is leaking in then its between 6:00am-6:30am. There are no other lights near this room that could be leaking in. I even covered up the LEDs on my heater and power strips. I’ll have to sit in there after lights out and right before lights on to make sure its completely sealed.

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Excellent @yosh perhaps a few more days before they really kick in.

I would sit tight for a few days and watch.

Is this a bud trying to pop out? It definitely looks a little different than the new growth I’ve seen thus far.

Now I’m totally confused. I removed this plant from my room 2 weeks ago cause I saw a couple of male preflowers on it. I just set it behind my shop and never really thought about it again. It’s been sitting outside with temps getting down in the low 40s at night. The only water it’s gotten has been rain water, and it’s gotten no nutes whatsoever. It actually got blown over by the wind at some point and all the tops turned 90 degrees and grew towards the sun. It is no doubt flowering, and looks like female flowers…so maybe I was wrong by thinking it was a male. But what has me so puzzled is that it has not gotten 12 hours of total darkness since it’s been outside…not even close. It’s been about 10 feet from one of my exterior lights that stays on all night, and that area is well lit. Meanwhile, the plants I have inside that I’ve been babying are not doing a single thing. Almost no pistols out of the preflowers on any of them, and certainly not any flowers. How is this possible? I’m on day 25 since I flipped to 12/12. I went in the room after lights out the other night to check for light leaks and found a red LED on one of my power strips that was not covered, so I covered it up. But surely if this outdoor plant is flowering with sunlight during the day and a flood light at night, then that tiny red LED wouldn’t cause my indoor plants not to flower…right? The only thing I can guess is my indoor plants are getting 12 hours of intense direct light, and the outdoor plant is probably only getting 7-8 hours of direct sunlight, and a couple hours of partial shade. Do I need to cut my lights back to 11.5/12.5 or 11/13 to help trigger them?

@merlin44 @GoodMafia @Oldschool82

Looks like a lady

She is not flowering, but showing her sex and ready to flower. You can wait to see white pistils and make sure she is a female.

Thanks for the responses. Still confused on why my indoor plants aren’t flowering. Today makes 27 days since I flipped to 12/12. Any ideas?


How old were they when you flipped?

They were 8-9 weeks when I flipped. They all seemed healthy and were showing preflowers, so I assumed they were mature enough. I could be totally wrong in thinking that though.

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