First grow any advice or suggestions welcome

Hello everyone… I have just germinated the seeds for my first grow and planted them in to 5 gallon fabric pots of coco/perlite (75/25). My grow tent temps are pretty steady with my humidifier running. Temps 77/80 degrees all day and RH 65/70. Seeds were planted about an inch into media on Saturday September 7th. I’ve slightly watering the center twice a day with a spray bottle to keep the seedling area moist. My grow area is currently a 3x3 and I am using 2 120w qb lights and they are currently 26 inches above the pots. I’ve done a lot of research and tried to cover all my bases before starting but I can’t help but feel like I may be missing something. Any advice or suggestions from you guys would help greatly.

Picture of current setup included

Also how important is PH levels at this stage? I’m currently watering the center with water PH 5.9-6.1 or atleast attempting to Haven’t quite gotten the hang of using my ph meter yet.

Thanks in advance for the help people!

  1. Don’t water on seedlings. water a circle a few inches from stem to encourage roots to grow out and find water
  2. You only need one light at the moment
  3. Put clear dome over seedlings to raise humidity

Thanks @HornHead may be a dumb question but is there a way that I can store a few gallons on PH corrected water or will I have to correct the ph each and everytime I water?

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Always make fresh water. if you are in the city and use tap water, fill jug and let sit for a day to air out chlorine. I grow in coco myself so if you have any questions feel free to ask. and next time start your seedlings in solo cups, lets the roots build faster, in turn the plant grows faster


Appreciate it… didn’t know that… I forgot to mention that they are autos and I was worried about transplant shock but solo cups would’ve been a lot easier and less messy to begin with. So I will do for next time! @HornHead


You are correct in not wanting to shock them, but if done correctly, they will grow faster. I wait until they’re on their 5th set of leaves, by then the roots should have filled the cup with a nice root ball that will hold the coco together. Cut the cup down 4 sides and peel off. works like a charm

I completely disagree. If you use distilled or R/O water, with NOTHING in it, the water will instantly adopt the ph of your media. Buy a gallon of distilled (NOT spring water!) and use until you need nutes.

I run R/O for my plants and don’t bother to ph if only water.

If you disagree with me I will direct you to the procedure for doing a slurry test as my proof.

I’ve never used r/o water or distilled so can’t disagree. I always thought that you were supposed to make fresh water every time. Especially if you add ph up/down or nutrients

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The operative is ‘pure’. If just water. don’t waste your effort.

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Yup. I always make fresh ‘nute solutions’ if i add anything to the water, its getting used within hours. But i let tap sit days… and rainwater. (In cold dark rooms)

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